1986 Nissan Bluebird reviews

Bluebird 2.0 D Estate LD20II

One of the most reliable cars

104 words, Portugal

Bluebird SLX estate 2.0

Cheap motoring, IF you shop around for parts

88 words, Denmark

Bluebird LX 1.6

Cheap reliable sound motor

214 words, UK and Ireland

Bluebird Universal 2.0 diesel

Great car, but look for high running costs

51 words, Lithuania, 3 comments

Bluebird SLX 2..0 petrol

Top value for money

134 words, UK and Ireland, 1 comment

Bluebird LX 1.6 petrol

A quick comfortable car that should last forever

184 words, UK and Ireland

Bluebird SLX 1.8

Reliable and a good buy if serviced regularly and appears to have been looked after

137 words, UK and Ireland

Bluebird SLX 2.0 petrol

Good, cheap, family car

66 words, Denmark

Bluebird Estate 2.0

A reliable comfortable vehicle with good perfomance

52 words, UK and Ireland

Bluebird LX 1.6 petrol

99 words, UK and Ireland