13th Aug 2001, 19:43

I have just had my Bluebird ZX fuel injection Turbo for a few days. I didn't want to buy it - I did it to help a friend out. When I test drove it, I noticed a rasping sound. However I still bought it, even after discovering the tyres were bald.

On the journey home, my gloom melted and my personality (yes even that!) mellowed into some higher self. I started to do the unimaginable (for me anyway), I began to fall in love.

Rasping is now 'power-whispering', I am held and supported in the seat, the 'force' waits protectively around me, waiting to zoom-zoom in my hours of need.

I do not need to play the delectable stereo, I listen to engine and mechanics carrying me around.

I didn't think I would forget about my dead Audi sports coupe, but this personality of a car lacks only in decent tyres, as these have worn down - by miles of happy driving. Anyone know where I can get cheap 195/60R15 88v?


30th Dec 2002, 16:40

I would also like to know more about the suspension adjustment control. Which models have this feature besides the ZX Turbo or is it an option?

27th Jan 2003, 12:37

I believe the adjustable suspension was only fitted to the earlier T72 models. Mines got it, its next to the cigarette lighter.

Superchips do a chip that boosts power to 170bhp, (+35) Don't know anything about 200+??



18th Mar 2004, 09:08

I own a Nissan Bluebird Turbo SR, which I believe is a rare car can anyone help me on this matter I also have a ZX Turbo model, are they going to be a collectors car? because the wife is trying to force me to part with them..

I don't want to scrap them basically because I think they are underestimated.

Please let me know what you all think...