19th Aug 2001, 09:32

It's a quiet car. Disappointed when cornering. I think the suspension is too soft for cornering.

Can any other Cefiro Excimo owners tell me what you think about the fuel consumption of this car?

9th Dec 2001, 02:28

I am a new owner of a 1999 Nissan Cefiro S Touring model. It drives and feels comfortable. The comfort is good compared to previous vehicles I have owned. A luxury ride - slow or moderate speed - is on smooth highway road. Only time will tell. I would like to comment in about 6 months and 12 months from now.

A good ride.

I have a request: how can I get

1 an owner's manual

2 information to inform my choice between 15" or 16" rims and tyres.

Information on these vehicles is scarce.

Thanks in advance.

L.L. Hercules.

22nd Sep 2002, 23:22

I am the owner of a 1996 model Nissan Cefiro,

I find that the pick-up is slow and the fuel consumption is erratic. I would like to get a workshop manual.

27th Jan 2004, 18:11

Got my Cefiro 2.0 in 2000. I have done 90000km todate in this car and is totally satisfied with it. Great comfortable and silent car. A gem of an engine. Acceleration is weak, but once on the go it is fine with the engine very willing to rev creamy smooth. The suspension set up is a bit confusing; too hard when going over ridges, but too soft when cornering.

As far as fuel consumption goes, I am totally happy with it considering it is a 2.0 V6. I consistently return 9.5km/liter on a full tank with city driving. Although I have to qualify that I am a very economical driver with a light right foot and prefer to cruise most of the times rather than hard acceleration and stopping.

All in all a very pleasant ownership experience.

22nd Sep 2004, 00:29

It has 6 cylinders for 2 liters and the bore is smaller than the 4 cylinders in 2 liters.

For this reason the torque is lower and overtaking is a bit sluggish.

On the other hand is quiter, smaller masses move in the engine and the engine goes faster in revs.


26th Apr 2008, 05:44

This is my second Cefiro. I like the older version below 1994 model.

I have first my 1990 Turbo.. which is like a wild horse when you are a heavy footed driver. It floats like a kite when I hit the bumpy road. But keep an eye on the radiator supply, never run with leaking radiator it will end up in gasket blown up. Sorry it was stolen.

Next my 1993 after my Pulsar which I considered too feminine.

This one is A31 non turbo but still drives very good and very economical, but it was funny cause I always have a full tank of petrol until I was running out of fuel with gauge indicating F, and my back window opens whenever I start the engine, can be closed only at the passenger at the back, which is a bit hard when you are alone.. hehe but really a good car..

Auckland, New Zealand.

18th Jan 2009, 13:59

I owned my Nissan Cifero 2G V6 since 2005 as a second hand car. It's very smooth and drives nice, although it has such an excitable gear box, which compromises cruising over a long drive.

When I take on ridges the front suspension makes some little noise. I changed the rack ends and tie rod ends, but still this does not go away. Is that how this car is build or I need to fix something?

Otherwise a very pleasurable car indeed, and I like it.


From Lesotho.

8th Apr 2009, 11:33

Hello everyone.

I have owned a 2001 3.0 V6 Nissan Maxima ES in the past model, Purchased new. I am considering purchasing a 2001 Nissan Cefiro 2.0 V6. Could anyone please give me an estimate on how much I should pay for such a vehicle. 87000KM in excellent condition. No accidents, no dents or scratches. Leather interior is clean, all electronics work, no sunroof, aluminum rims, non-vented disk brakes, 10CD disk changer, all items are factory, no visible modifications. What is the approximate value in US currency? Or what should I be paying for such a vehicle?

23rd Feb 2010, 17:31

Hi everyone.

I bought the 1996 Cefiro 2.0 V6 5 speed manual, second hand in 2002 with 67,000 km on it. It now has 158,000 km. It has been used for towing, touring and daily to work (9kms) and hasn't missed a beat.

The only problem was the starter motor at 95 k. It has had regular oil/ filter changes by me and will have to have the brakes done soon (1st time). This car puts a lot of others to shame for quietness, smoothness of ride, comfort, leg room and finish.

The motor pulls smoothly with no hesitation even with a towing load.

Downsides are slightly soft on cornering. This car has done me proud and I will definitely be looking at another Nissan when this one gives up the ghost. Not bad motoring for NZ$10k initial cost.


New Zealand 2010.

23rd Apr 2010, 23:53

Hi all, I have bought a Nissan Cefiro Excimo 1999 - has done 89000km's. The car is good and drives well, especially the engine is much quieter and with a neo V6 engine.. this is a beast...

6th May 2010, 00:07

Hi all Cefiro owners, I need your help!

I am very keen in buying a Cefiro Excimo year 2000, I am just about to confirm this. Please give me any valuable advice that could help my decision; I would really appreciate it.

2nd Jan 2011, 19:51

If you are going to get a Cefiro, try to get the DI (direct injection motor). It's a little more powerful, but very economical.

The 2 litre auto is a bit sluggish, but still a fine vehicle.

These cars are very good value for money. Sure, they cost a little more to run, per week, maybe 10 bucks to us, compared to our Mazda 323, but they are nicer and safer.


2nd Feb 2011, 02:59

Hi, I am from Mauritius.

Just sold my Passat 1.9 TDI 2001. Now I ordered a Cefiro 2.0 year 2007 V6. Hope to get the same satisfaction on road that came with the Passat.

20th Dec 2011, 06:49

You have made the right decision in buying a Nissan Cefiro. You won't regret it. I have bought 2 Nissan Cefiros, an A32, and currently I have an A33. They are both performing well. Have had the A32 for almost 8 years with no problem.

9th Jan 2012, 23:28

I agree, the A33 is a great drive, but the consumption is high; for town driving, the best I can clock is about 370km for a full tank... outstation, maybe about 500km..

The car can't take sharp corners within its lane above 130km/h. Other than that, it's a damn good drive... Love the car.

29th Feb 2012, 22:54

Hi. I seek your humble opinion.

I currently driving an A32 Excimo, year 1999, equipped with 195/65/15 tyres, and I'm planning to change to 17 inch rims and tyres.

Please assist. Thank you.

9th Sep 2013, 14:31

How fast could the A33 2.0 V6 go? My dad reached around 210km/h, but what is its top speed?