2005 Nissan Frontier LE 4.0 from North America


Well-liked enough to get another


Dent on roof from billiard/cue-stick sized branch falling on roof.

New battery at 35,000 miles.

New A/C parts at 30,000 miles.

EFI Nissan recall at 40,000 miles.

Fake chrome factory parts (door handles, etc) beginning to chip.

General Comments:

Handles like a sports car with a truck bed. Back end is a little too light - pretty easy to spin out when driving in the rain.

Seats are stiff, but not bad; a little uncomfortable on long road trips.

Center console arm rest should be longer.

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Review Date: 18th May, 2011

2005 Nissan Frontier from North America




Going on 3rd replacement of U joint, defroster is broken, Fuel sending unit went, evap leak 2 different times, chips on paint all over the vehicle.

General Comments:

Went with a Nissan because I heard great things.. Sadly mistaken. Still owe 8k on it and I'm paying into it like crazy... JUNK, never again...

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Review Date: 15th November, 2009

24th Nov 2009, 21:49

I suppose you like Toyota's... well I have not had any luck with them at all. Plus the attitude I get from the dealership when I ask basic questions (that they can't answer).

I have owned 3 Nissans

2007 Crewcab - great vehicle miss a couple squeaks

2004 Kingcab - fantastic reliability

1993 Kingcab - never once stranded me any where.

I will continue buying Honda and Nissan... Toyota can go jump in a lake.

2005 Nissan Frontier SE 4.0 V6 from North America


Get one


Nothing. Not one thing ever went wrong.

OK, that's not true, the little spring clip that holds the fuel door closed came off. I put it back on.

Tires lasted 55k miles.

General Comments:

Best truck I've ever owned. After I blew up my third Dodge Dakota (I'm hard on trucks), I went back to Nissan after a wonderful experience with a 300zx. Nissan just knows how to make stuff last (Z had 172k when I sold it)

Unloaded with my right foot acting reasonably I could eek 20mpg out of the truck. And it had enough power to pull four race bikes AND all of our gear out to Reno with no trouble.

Only reason I sold it was I could no longer afford the payments (laid off). Fortunately I sold it to a friend who seems to love it just as much.

Interior held up beautifully, especially considering the abuse it took cramming gear and a restless dog in and out. It's a little plain to look at, but functional and disassembles easily for cleaning.

The fold out bed extender is way more useful than I ever thought it would be. My next pick up will have one.

More power, better handling than a comparable Tacoma.

My ONLY gripes are:

1) No key hole in the passenger door. if you don't have remote locks, you have to unlock from the driver door every time.

2) No limited slip differential unless you get the NISMO package. Too much power for a pick up to NOT have a limited slip in my opinion.

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Review Date: 9th January, 2009

2005 Nissan Frontier King Cab 4.0 from North America


Great mid sized truck


Nothing mechanical. The paint above the front bumper on the rubber/plastic has started to flake off. The surface matches the truck (grey) so I don't really care.

General Comments:

This truck is the best I've owned. I had a Mazda B2000 and a Chevy Astro and also a Chevy older pickup. The ride is good, the seats are comfortable, There is plenty of room behind the front seats although anyone but a child couldn't sit there for more than a few miles. The tailgate is a little heavy, but at least it's solid. I get an average of 21 MPG combination highway and city driving which is very good for this size truck. The 6 speed trans helps. I put a cap on by A.R.E. and it looks good. The extra weight of the cap is offset by the increased aerodynamics, so fuel economy was unchanged. The radio is a little weak but the controls are good. My only gripe is the manual transmission. It's a little "notchy" which means, if I don't shift exactly right in the exact direction of the next gear, I may miss and go into the next one. Sometimes I go from 5th back into 4th instead of into 6th. The shift pattern isn't in a straight line "H" pattern but more of an angled "H" pattern. I'm getting used to it now but still have to think about it a little. Other than that, I LOVE THIS TRUCK! The engine has lots of power and torque and is smooth and quiet for a truck. The truck looks good and doesn't try to look like a car. I looked at the Tacoma and this truck is better.

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Review Date: 27th May, 2008

3rd Jan 2009, 13:27

15,000 miles since I wrote the post. update: I love this truck even more now that I've put some miles on her. Nothing has broken. Only oil changes. The low tire inflation light comes on randomly, but the tire inflation is within specs when I check it. When I get new tires I'll check it. Don't really need it anyway.