2008 Nissan Frontier D22 3.0L turbo diesel from Colombia


Excellent, reliable 4x4 pickup


The cigarette lighter is damaged.

It has a hard noise after activating the brakes in emergency situations, which has not been corrected.

The back space is very short, rendering it uncomfortable for back seat passengers on long trips.

General Comments:

It's an excellent and reliable pickup. I would buy another car from this manufacturer, but maybe the Navara will be the evolution of this excellent car.

I don't recommend buying a 4x4 car with automatic transmission; in our country in rural areas, it is very complicated to deal with. I love a manual transmission.

It is potent, trustworthy. It has never been a failure on the route, nor on the farm.

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Review Date: 16th April, 2011

2008 Nissan Frontier King Cab SE 4.0L gas from North America


Built solid and reliable


I think there was a loose wire in the stereo. The sound kept going out, but a quick hammer fist to the top of the dash has fixed it permanently (so far).

General Comments:

This truck has been very reliable for me. No shop visits. The 6 speed trans is smooth, it has good power for passing on the highway, gas mileage is decent, the 4X4 system is great, and I've had 1800 lbs of gravel in the bed. I can't say anything bad about it.

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Review Date: 5th May, 2010

25th Jan 2011, 15:50

I just wanted to update. I just rolled over 65,000 kms with no issues. I replaced the OE tires recently as they had worn pretty poorly. Other than that, just gas and oil changes. The truck has got me through some pretty major snowstorms, and a few weeks of -30 degree Celcius starts.

Still no complaints or repairs.

27th Mar 2012, 11:55

Another update. 80,000 kms, no repairs. Runs like a top.

5th Jul 2013, 21:51

Update. Just rolled over 100,000km. I had a noisy rear u-joint replaced under warranty at around 90,000. Other than that, the truck is running great.

25th Jul 2013, 10:26

Just thought I'd update my gas mileage. I'm getting an average of 19.5 MPG driving from the suburbs into downtown for work every day. It's around 17 miles one way. (Around 18 MPG on winter gas and 21-22 MPG on summer gas) I've hit as high as 27 MPG on a few highway trips, but 24-25 seems to be the norm.

The manual transmission seems to get a lot better mileage than the automatics.

2008 Nissan Frontier SE 4.0 from North America


Tons of truck for the money!


Nothing!!! This truck is awesome!!!

General Comments:

I have owned Ford F150s, Mazdas, Rangers, and this truck tops em all!! Tons of power, tons of passing power, tons of torque, comfortable, reliable.

I would buy this truck over and over again!!!

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Review Date: 16th February, 2010