15th Oct 2001, 14:39

I have owned the truck now for three months. It's a Supercharged model and I love it. I frankly think it's one of the best built trucks on the road. I've owned a Ford and two Chevys, and the Nissan is by far the best built. Too bad I couldn't say the same about the dealer though.

12th May 2003, 21:16

I have had 3 Nissan trucks while most of my friends are domestic buyers. I have kept all of my trucks for upwards of 250000km with no problems other than general maintenance ie. brakes etc. Most of my buddies seem to get new trucks every few years when things start going wrong frequently with their Chevys/Fords.

Of course there is a bad one in every bunch, and one day I might get a lemon and start to hate Nissan, but the quality has more than impressed me in comparison to the other brands so far.

1st Jul 2003, 16:00

I got a 2001 Nissan, every time I turn on the a/c it has a foul smell to it, then it goes away, Anyone with any advise on how to repair or solve problem. Please respond.

30th May 2005, 19:49

To remove the foul smell do this:

1. Turn Heater setting to HIGH.

2. Put the Fan setting on Low.

3. Roll down your windows, cause it's gonna get HOT in the cabin.

Do this for about 5 minutes, repeat if need be.

This should "burn away" moisture in the vents.

11th Apr 2007, 19:19

The foul smell is bacteria in your AC system. I had an Xterra with this problem. What I did was to purchase some Lysol anti-bacterial spray and sprayed it into the intake for the blower motor which is under the dash. I left it on the dash vents, turned the blower on medium, and sprayed until all I could smell was the Lysol. The next day it was good as new.

24th Jan 2008, 01:43

The only thing I know is that american vehicles (Ford, Chevy) are not really that good...

I stay with Toyota and Nissan...