27th Aug 2004, 19:09

I own a 1999 frontier and was wondering if my exhaust manifolds could be replaced for free? I already replaced them due to a crack at 104000. How would I go about it and what is TSB? Thank You!

26th Oct 2004, 20:36

I own a 2000 Frontier Crew Cab. I bought it new. Up to this time I have never had any problems. Matter of fact, I enjoy driving it more than my Mercedes Benz. A couple of weeks ago, I received a notice in the mail stating that all Nissan Frontier model year 1999-2003 are being recalled because the fuel pump terminal on the fuel-sending unit could develop a crack I took my truck to the dealer and they didn't find any defect. However, they did find a leak in the exhaust manifold. They quoted me a price of $499.00 plus tax to fix it. If it's only a leak, how come it cost so much to repair it? Is that normal?

31st May 2006, 14:41

I wish I had found this web sight before buying a Nissan. The transmission failed in my 2000 Frontier Crew Cab at 63,000 miles. NO GOOD WILL ASSISTANCE from Nissan!! The only recall I've received on my truck was about the tail light, but Nissan says I've had other recalls fixed. How, when I didn't even know about them? Too bad I didn't keep my Chevrolet Blazer!

3rd Apr 2007, 10:08

I own a 200 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab XE 4x4. What a truck it has been!. Aside from tires and oil changes and regular maintenance, I have had no problems with my truck.

I used to be a Satellite installer (Subcontractor) and used my truck. I averaged about a thousand miles a week. Right now it has 140 000 miles on it. The worst punishment it ever went through, was one December in New Jersey.

I started the vehicle at 5am. Did my days work, never once turning off the engine. It was cold and there was snow on the ground. I did not want the engine to cool down and reheat several times that day.

When the day was done, I drove back to North Carolina. I did about 750 miles that day. No problems.

This is one tough vehicle and my next vehicle (Truck) will be a Nissan, again. Thinking about the Titan.

I believe that if you take care of your vehicle it will take care of you.

23rd Apr 2009, 14:15

I used to love my 2005 Nissan truck until it hit 45K miles and my warranty is gone. Now it is spending more time in the shop than on the road. It is becoming very costly. Fine example of American engineering on a foreign vehicle. Very disappointing.

19th Nov 2012, 17:45

I have a 2000 Nissan Frontier Desert Runner. Had to replace the exhaust and clutch. Other than that, very satisfied, good ride off road and good response.