1984 Nissan Gazelle 2.0 4 cylinder petrol OHC from Australia and New Zealand


Sporty looks, but this ain't no sportscar!


Muffler rear mount collapsed into the muffler, due to a poor weld. Probably not a factory fault, given the Km.

Combination switch internals seem to have disintegrated, causing the headlamps and parkers to turn themselves on when the car is parked. This is rather annoying, as the fuses have to be removed when leaving the car. Can someone please tell me where to find a new switch?

Nothing else. It has been totally reliable.

General Comments:

This car is a sporty-looking 2-door car with 4 seats.

It is very economical to run and extremely reliable.

It is comfortable for driving any distance and has heaps of luxury extras, typical of Japanese cars.

On the downside, handling is very ordinary, steering is heavy, acceleration is OK, but you can't really feel it.

This car seems to promise a sporting drive. The reality of driving it is somewhat different.

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Review Date: 23rd December, 2004

1st Feb 2005, 03:28

Hi my mum has had a 1984 gazelle from new and it is now mine and we have had none of those problems. I must say it did not have much power, but a CA18det improved that problem and is easy conversion.

11th May 2005, 04:02

I love watching your lights turn them selves on.