10th Jul 2005, 08:14

I have just recently 'inherited' a 1984 Nissan Gazelle. Although not in very good condition, I can see its potential. My main problem is both sets of shocks are shot to pieces and I really need to replace them. I'm just wondering about costs involved in this. Just the costs of a pair of shock absorbers and a pair of struts that will fit this car.

16th Jan 2007, 05:13

I bought a 1984 gazelle for $350 and I took the stock motor and put a bit of beef in it with bigger pistons and bigger intake, nos, etc.. new paint and 17inch rims and now it looks SICK!!! now it looks sporty and its got speed and I only spent $4000 doing the whole thing...

26th Dec 2007, 21:58

For those looking for shock absorbers, Gabriel make sets specifically, as do other manufacturers.. If you want something really tough, go for KYB shocks.

Also, if you're after off road or drag stuff, get Hilux shocks on the rear, otherwise for better handling, get some HQ shocks for the rear.

The S12 Gazelle is a great car in that, there are many parts from both Nissan and other manufacturers that can fit on and can turn the car into whatever you want, off road, rally, drag, circuit, drift, mix n match, compromise, it's all good. Many S13 parts fit, as do some Bluebird and R31 Pintara parts.

Also, if you need some cheap front strut boots, get Holden VN/P/R/S Commodore ones, they fit with a slight modification involving scissors.

Also, you can't go past Fulcrum (Super Pro) polyurethane bushes, they tighten everything up, and the handling is infinitely better.

Gazelles are great, very easy to work on and repair, and a joy to drive!

9th Nov 2008, 18:50

Are all you fellas for real? I got a good kick out of your comments.

31st Dec 2008, 08:17

I have owned a Gazelle for the last 18 years. Bought it when it was 5 years old ie one owner. Had several company cars inbetween.

The NRMA service man told me last year the elegant Gazelle has not lost its charm in relation to the Celicas and the Starions etc.

The air conditioning has packed up. Finding it difficult to replace the condenser. Any suggestions.

21st May 2009, 18:48

I have a Nissan Gazelle hatch back version. It's being ready for a paint job and I was thinking of putting a body kit on it, but I am having trouble finding one. Any suggestions on where or what I can do?

I also would like to lower it. I was thinking of cutting coils as I am finding it hard to come across parts.

26th Mar 2010, 18:09

I've owned this car for 12 years, and it is still very reliable.

A/C works great, it's like an ice maker, very good on petrol.

Handling, performance wise, yeah I must say it's not that great, but I am satisfied with it. I don't need all those power and handling to buy milk and bread, in the morning.. I don't have to worry about it and I can park it anywhere.

I have two of them now; the other one needs an engine, but the body is in pristine condition; dead straight, no bumps or scratches, sitting in the shed. Purchased this car for spares, but turns out to be a much better shell in my other car, I just can't scrap any car; both cars look nice.

I have sold my other cars, but I kept the S12 aside for reliability, it never turns me down, has always been reliable, and used as a back up car if my Alfa Romeo breaks down LOL.

There is nothing else you need in this car. I am surprised with the stock Clarion radio; I replaced mine with two 6x9 two 6 inch split at the front, and it sounds awesome. Not much difference to the Bose sound system I have in the Alfa. I also have an Audi S line 09 model with Bang and Olufsen upgrade; if you listen to it, not pumping it, just average volume, you will be satisfied with the Gazelle radio LOL.

I lpve this car. We also have a Scuderia and it does not even have a radio in it! I'm thinking pulling out the engine out of it and put it on the other S12 if it's possible; just kidding LOL.