15th Oct 2010, 10:32

I have a 1997 Nissan with 2513900, and still running good. When I start it up in the morning, I get that same noise from under the hood. Anyone got any ideas?

13th Feb 2012, 19:17

A 2 to 3 second rattle after starting is the timing chain tensioner, a known problem on the 2.4... Oil pressure keeps it from rattling when right. 60,000 miles should be no problem if the oil has been changed regularly. Use a higher grade oil filter (check valve) to help oil pressure retention while not running. If the rattle goes to 3 to 4 seconds or more, have the tensioner replaced, or risk eating your timing gear cover, and metal chips in the oil pan...

11th Jun 2012, 18:29

I would use the procedures on the Nissan forums; disconnect battery, pull fuse from airbag, remove airbag, remove broken-off dampener, and reinstall. There is a procedure to get the airbag light removed also on the Nissan forums. Good luck!

6th Jul 2013, 14:25

You're losing your suck in oil pump after shutdown, like when you change the oil. That rattles when there's no oil pressure.

21st Sep 2013, 20:07

Having same problem; rattles at start up, and rattles a bit at idle. Everything I read says put an OEM Nissan oil filter on it. It has that drain back valve.

22nd Jul 2014, 03:40

My 97 has the same horn problem.

2nd Sep 2014, 19:49

I have a 1997 Nissan XE 4 cylinder with 295,000 with a small camper shell, that gets 21-22 miles per gallon.

4th Sep 2014, 03:45

Nissan's are bad for the valves needing to be adjusted. You can get your valves adjusted for pretty cheap, or you can just add a thicker oil and maybe some oil additives. My 97 Nissan pickup had the same problem, but after getting the valves adjusted it didn't rattle any more.

2nd Nov 2014, 02:59

Hey bud, it could be your engine rubber mounts or it could be the tranny mounts.

27th May 2015, 18:38

I found a upgrade for the chain tensioner. Contact jamesmart55@hotmail and tell him Patrick told you about the upgrade, and his fail safe upgrade will eliminate the rattle for the life of the car.