16th Aug 2004, 14:16

I purchased a Nissan 86.5 and love it. I'm trying to find valances for front, side and rear. Anyone have any information or do I have to make them myself. I have a Dale Jr. Theme going.

18th Aug 2004, 14:03

I have had my 1986.5 Nissan extended cab 2.4 L 2x4 truck since it was new and it's a great ride- low maintenance, reliable, etc. The only real issue it has is the, seemingly common to this vehicle, hesitation/sputtering when accelerating after the engine is warm... anyone ever find a reason for this (same as everyone else I've changed and checked all the usual stuff- plugs, wires, distributor, fuel filter, compression, coils, etc...)??

17th Jan 2005, 22:55

For sputtering and general problems with acceleration try testing the throttle position sensor.

4th May 2005, 08:39

I recently read about a Nissan that sputtered if you pressed the gas too hard. Mine had the same problem and it resulted in me replacing the plugs, wires, and both fuel filters. I later found out that it was one of the coils. When I replaced it the sputtering stopped. So replace your coils and see if that helps.

7th Feb 2007, 20:21

I just purchased an 86 Nissan and it is great! It has 180496 miles and it runs like a top. You must have got a lemon. I love my Nissan to death and will never sell it. I got it for only 300 dollars too!! It starts everytime and gets me where i want to go. I love this truck. Nissan for life.

6th May 2007, 12:40

I have an '86 Nissan hardbody and desperately need a speedometer cable. It runs great, but I need to keep in the speedlimit. My Daddy gave it to me before he died and it is all I have left from him. I want to tag and drive it, but I really need a speedometer cable. Can anyone direct me to where I can get one?

D. Russell

Navarre, Florida

23rd Jul 2007, 16:48

I had an 86.5 nissan for 9 years and it was the best truck I ever owned. I had put 165,000 miles on it by the time I sold it on 9-23-95. The guy I solt it to still has it and the odometer reads well over 300,000. What a truck! Nissan did well when it built this one!

7th Feb 2008, 10:14

I have a 1986.5 Nissan Hardbody 4X4 pickup with only 121,000 miles on it. I purchased my Nissan from a retired military man at Tinker Air Force Base in Midwest City, OKLAHOMA. I paid $2,500 for it; yet, at the time there was only 105,000 miles on it so I thought it was a pretty good deal. Man do I love this truck! It runs like a beast. I have had no problems with it so far. It is not the most comfortable truck to ride in; nevertheless, it is very reliable. It just now turned 21 years old and it has only 121,000 miles. Pretty sweet!! I can see this truck running all the way to 250,000 miles. Let's hope so. If you ever consider purchasing a 1986.5 Nissan Hardbody Pickup I would say go for it.

10th Aug 2008, 09:39

I have owned my 86 1/2 nissan pickup for 10 years. Currently I am pushing 300000 miles. I've hauled wood, rock, and scrap without ever having a problem. I love this truck and don't plan on ever giving her up.

18th Dec 2008, 00:42

What can I say? This has been a great 4X4 truck with V6 5 speed. For those interested, the '87 had 138hp. I bought it ten years ago with 104,000 and have had to do very little. The center bearing has gone out twice on the drive shaft, but everything else is fine (except the plastic interior parts). Center bearing wasn't expensive to fix and not particularly problematic. I now am running about 170,000 and am starting to see some issues - the clutch is pretty worn, but is the original. Shifting is a little rough.

On mostly short trips since I have owned it, but I took a couple of 2500 mile trips to Colorado and back, 4 wheeling coming and going, including hitting some dunes in Utah. It gets about 19 mpg on the highway. My son loves it and wants to drive it when he makes 16. I got my money's worth for sure. The body is almost perfect, and I am thinking of cleaning it up and tricking it out for my son - or maybe selling it. Rebuilds take a lot of energy. Honestly, it is a sentimental decision at this point; a great truck.

22nd Mar 2009, 15:56

I bought 1986.5 Hardbody new. I drove it till 2004 (200k miles) and sold it to my nephew for 1000 dollars. He drove it several years, sold it to his brother (whom has driven it since) and has recently purchased a ford full size truck. I am like a kid at Christmas...because... I AM BUYING IT BACK!!! GREATEST TRUCK EVER. I can't wait.. I have missed it sooo much.

7th Jun 2010, 20:56

1986 Hardbody truck.. One problem with this truck, it won't go over 3000 rpm. Sputters and loses all power. It has 205k, I just had a tune up and it still won't go break the 3000 rpm barrier. Great truck besides that, does anyone know a solution. could it be a throttle body sensor?

Thanks, Rick


26th Jun 2010, 08:09

I have a 86.5 Nissan hard-body 2x4, 24Z engine 5 speed, with over 400,000 miles. I have pulled and hauled 1400 on the truck while pulling 3000. I love this truck so much that I went out and bought a 89 4x4 with the 24z motor. It is a great truck also. Have fun driving a Nissan..

13th Jul 2010, 15:15

I have an 86.5 D21 2WD z2.4i 5sp with only 70,000 miles on it, purchased new. "Mint" white one with a canopy on it.

Only problems in the past 24 years have been the under-throttle body heater plate failing and replaced under warranty when almost new, and the usual TPS glitchiness (I am going to replace this afternoon).

Been a great truck. Towed an overloaded utility trailer over a mountain pass with no problems (but slowly!).

23rd Aug 2010, 18:02

I have a 1986 Nissan 2x4 reg cab which my dad bought new in 86. He recently gave it to me, it has 140,000 on it and runs like a top! It's part of the family now, so no use getting rid of it. Just had to replace the rear brakes after 24 years, and the A/C is original also.

4th Apr 2011, 22:48

You might want to see if it has two spacers instead of one in between the fuel pump and the head. I have seen this many times in the past, and every time it was as simple as pulling pump, then removing one spacer.

I do hope this helps.

8th Jul 2011, 19:04

I have an 86.5 4x4 that I have owned for 22 years, and it has 387000 miles on it. The valve covers have never been removed, or any engine work. Just an alternator, and I did put in a new transmission around 225000 and Warn manual hubs. She is still running great and I love driving her. She is a 5 speed.

9th Jul 2011, 07:44

My company bought a lot of those Hardbodies back in the 80s. A stripper model with automatic trans... no air.. no radio... just a basic truck... for the field personnel. Through the years that little truck took so much abuse... fast drivers... slow drivers... crashes... hitting every pothole... pole... walls... other cars... even sides of houses... The little truck just wouldn't die... God knows, some of the field personnel tried to kill it.

When we finally got rid of them for a fleet of Ford Rangers, they were still running strong. Not sure where they all ended up at... there was about 30 of them... all blue...