1994 Nissan Maxima GXE 3.0L FI from North America


Costly to repair around 100K miles


Heater controls went out at 85K.

Driver's seat worn.

Boise Radio/CD, clock intermittent at 87K.

Transmission blown at 92K.

General Comments:

It's a nice car, fully featured, quiet, and plenty of power. Slower off the line, but has power to spare on the highway. Leans/floats a bit, but handles pretty well overall. I inherited this '94 Maxima GXE with about 80K miles about two years ago. Loved the interior and the power, but the fan blower went after about 6 months - only blows on high and the display is intermittent. It's too costly to replace the electronic control unit. Bose radio and clock are also intermittent, and not practical to repair.

At 96K, the transmission just went out. Will have it replaced or rebuilt because the body and engine are in excellent shape, and we intend to keep it as long as economically possible.

Overall, it's a nice car. But we're running into some heavy repair bills all of a sudden.

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Review Date: 3rd March, 2006

1994 Nissan Maxima GXE 6 cylinder 160 HP from North America


Quiet, great ride, once you bring it tip-top


Transmission - rebuilt Transmission for $1750. It just totally died 6 months after I bought the car.

Brakes - repaired front and rear $750.

Axles - replaced all 4 $950.

Struts - replaced all 4 $1088.

Timing chain tuneup 4 tires $1000.


General Comments:

I loved the car and love it more now that I got everything fixed - you have to understand that I like everything working like it was. Sister in law had the car 1st 132k, and didn't get the maintenance like I might have had I owned it.

Now that it is like it should be, it is very quiet, powerful, steady, and drives straight. Emergency handling is great.

On a 2,000 mile trip from San Antonio to Nashville TN a week ago, I got 31.4 mph. Before I got it the way I wanted it, it was getting 22 mph, no matter if I drove it fast or slow.

The radio is still intermittent, when it decides to come on, it sounds great. It's been 104 degrees in Texas, and the radio likes to be cool.

To have spent almost $6000 for a car I paid about $3,000 (except for the transmission) I would have replaced most of this in order to drive it the next ten years, had I got any other used car at 90K -it's what you have to do, if you want the car to be in tip-top shape.

This is a luxury car that I didn't have to spend $28,000, just for it to be new.

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Review Date: 30th September, 2005

1994 Nissan Maxima GXE from North America


The type of premium car I wanted until transmission went


When I purchased the car the only thing wrong was the the screen to the stock CD/Tape receiver was blank and never worked and I never got the remote to open the unlock the doors. The Cd player part worked fine idle, but skipped terribly on every bump.

Needed belts changed.

Hose popped off while I was driving downtown and antifreeze splattered everywhere. went to auto parts store found correct hose and fastened it on myself.

Alarm started to go crazy every now and then and would not let me start the car. Had no remote so I always had trouble turning if off. found out it was some electrical prob.

Needed new alternator, got it changed at junk yard with a good one and then still had problems. Took to Sears and found out it was something else that had to be replaced instead, but was only like $30!

Rear window slipped the track, also needed new motor to roll it up/down again.

Slowly the beginning of the end with the transmission going bad. Which forced me to trade in and angrily get a KIA Spectra which I want to get rid of now.

General Comments:

Overall, I very much liked this car. When I started looking in the auto shopper mags. I wanted a car with Leather, sunroof, and power everything and got it call with this car. It was very comfortable and felt roomy inside. Car would have a slight lean on sharp turns. Very nice acceleration and braking. The bose stereo sys. was exactly what I was looking for as well although I hated the fact that the screen didn't work so you had a hard time programming the radio. The CD player pissed me off too. Despite the problems I still loved the car, but when that trans. went that was all she wrote. I couldn't afford paying the car payments and pay to get it fixed (well over 2000 bucks) I think if I paid more attention to it it may have been prevented. Now I'm looking at getting either another Maxima (I know, I'm asking for it huh?) but really want an Acura Legend '92-'95.

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Review Date: 2nd October, 2004

25th Jun 2006, 08:26

My name is George, I have a Nissan Maxima 1994 GXE. It is a really good car. I have had only two problems, one was a fuel injector, and the other was the alternator. And the thing is, I got it from a junk yard, all I did was clean, wax, and drive.

27th Jun 2006, 08:20

I brought the 1994 Maxima for my wife when she first came to USA and got her driving license. She was reluctant to drive this tiger at first (too heavy and too powerful) And now after 6 months she fell in love with this baby, she said she won't trade it for a BMW. I brought this "baby" with only 69000 true miles on it, and spent less than $600 to overhaul the brakes and have it fine tune to make it runs like new. The only problem after 6 months is the window modings which deteriorates and leaks. The only complaint she makes is the gas mileages, it runs on an average of 18 hwy miles to a gallon.

Occasionally, we will bum into some Maxima owners who will share their fun and joy and pride of owning a old model Maxima. We love the feeling.