1994 Nissan Maxima SE VE30DE from Japan


Good for transportation with a peace


Fuel filler tube. I had to fix that when I found a gasoline leaking from fuel filler tube connector or I would be a grilled chicken. I doubt original owner decided to sell me this car because of the problem. I myself fixed the problem, so repair cost was $0.00 and takes 30 min.

Bose radio head unit failed. There are no sounds on AM/FM and display don't work, but suddenly starts work for a seconds. I believe capacitors have been leaking. It's fairly common on those years electrolyte capacitors. I'm going to remove unit and try to fix it.

General Comments:

This car have a big power and great run, but looks real sucks. I love that gap. I usually drive high speed, but have never gotten ticket since 1997, I got license. That looks may prevents me from CHP.

Since I used Toyota Prius before come to the US, Maxima's gas mileage is very bad for me, 13-27mi/G with Chevron Supreme Unleaded, depend on the situation.

Those old and high mileage cars usually have a big problem, however, this Maxima doesn't have any major problem.

Original owner was a UCSB student, but live in San Diego, so almost all miles may be on freeway.

She maintained very well, that helps the car still in excellent condition in addition to the potential reliability.

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Review Date: 28th September, 2002

1994 Nissan Maxima SE 3.0 V6 from North America


Performance for a price


Timing chain tensioner doesn't bleed out the air at start up and was allowing the timing chain to rattle badly... Nissan issued a service bulletin, but after warranty period its your problem. Will be worst when car is started after sitting some time. $185 in parts, $800 in labor, or a long weekend. This was correctly in late 96 models and for all 97 and later models.

Knock sensor, $150.

Rear O2 sensor, $80.

One CV is worn causing a hum at highway speed. Boots are OK yet, which is odd.

Power steering belt tensioner pulley...$45 mail order part, $70 dealer price.

Reverse switch in the transmission...$30.

Clutch assembly needed at 80,000.

Clock was dead.

Power antenna is stripped... big surprise.

General Comments:

After all the work above was done the car is great. This car I think is a poor example of the reliability of the Maxima. The first owner was a salesman, a smoker, who must have NEVER washed it in the four years he owned it, nor done any routine service.

The car is quiet, powerful and comfortable.

Ride in the SE is stiff, but the performance payoff is well worth it.

The shifting of the 5 speed is not very inviting. Synthetic oil in the transmission helps some.

No fun at all to work on... easily the most difficult car I have ever owned.

The engine will be hard on tires if you like to use it.

The remote door openers have an incredible range... perhaps 70 yards or more.

A/C is ICE cold.

Interior is smooth in appearance, and easy to clean.

Surprisingly not too bad to insure, even without ABS (a rare option).

Probably not the best value out there, but truly a one of a kind family car.

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Review Date: 20th August, 2002

1994 Nissan Maxima GXE VG30 from North America


A great reliable car for the long term owner


The power window regulators on all 4 doors have failed. The plastic used in the guides and rollers cracks and allows the cable to bind up. Replacement is the only repair and is a chronic problem for this series of Maxima. Replaced myself for around $80.00 each from the dealer.

Water temperature gauge has failed.

Lights in the radio have failed.

General Comments:

The most reliable car I've ever owned. No major mechanical or electrical problems. Normal maintenance and care should allow the car to go over 200k miles easy.

Performance has always been above par. I've never abused the engine by over revving or even trying to see how fast it will go. Daily cruise down the interstate at 75 MPH for 30 minutes and it's never let me down.

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Review Date: 28th July, 2002

31st Oct 2002, 07:57

Funny thing, everything mentioned has gone wrong with my 1994 Nissan Maxima!