13th Mar 2008, 19:45

Another update to my own post...

I broke down and bought me a new radio, with 4 new speakers and even an amp. (all for about $450.) I also spent about $250 (for 100sf) on the sound deadening material called b-quiet. I laid that down on the floor, two front doors, trunk, and some under the hood. Road noise has been reduced by about 80 percent. Now the wind noise is more prominent. Will have to come up with something for it :-)

I'm so happy with my car...

13th Feb 2009, 15:06

I am the proud owner of a 1993 Nissan Maxima. I bought the car new and now have close to 190k miles.

I do the recommended service intervals. In the past seven years I have had the shocks, alternator, water pump, timing belt, all the door window drives, power steering pump, right axle, and idler pulleys for power steering replaced.

This past December I had the valve cover gaskets and injectors replaced. I will be replacing the power antenna myself next month.

Great handling car with H speed tires. Have not noticed what I consider any more than "normal" road noise.

Relatively recent intermittent problem are the door locks and combination entry. I can use the key to get in, so it is no problem. However, the key will not unlock and lock the other doors. A little inconvenience that I can live with.

It is a great car to drive and I hope to get another 110k miles. In another four years it will be considered a classic. Although I have had quite a bit of work done on it over the past few years, it still beats a car payment in my mind and it is fuel efficient 20-22 city and 30 highway. Even with the repairs on my Maxima, if I was to buy a hybrid car, the difference in fuel mileage would not make up the cost difference for the new car.

I am restoring a 1975 Datsun/Nissan 280Z. Having driven my Z car, I do believe the stickers on the rear windows of my Maxima; it is a Four Door Sports Car.