11th Dec 2012, 00:59

Fair warning on the newer Maximas. You may want to avoid them (see 2004 Maxima reviews). Now that Nissan has partnered with Renault, quality has taken a huge tumble. In fact you're better off avoiding all Nissans for now and getting a Toyota or a Honda. Renault's inferior quality is staining Nissan.

5th Dec 2014, 05:09

OP here again - While I have not lost my love for the 4th gen Maximas, I won't be buying another Maxima in the spring when I have decided to give in and buy a newer car. It's not because of any fault on the part of the Maxima; I am still as madly in love with it as I was on the day I first wrote my review. I replaced the knock sensor and no more throwing codes. The transmission has held up with no more slippage than when I wrote the first review. We've surpassed 250K together, and had some good runs and navigated snow covered streets that snow plows would think twice about trying.

Unfortunately, time and road salt are catching up to the car - Damn living in Canada! The engine and transmission are still willing, this car has the heart of a dragon, but the body is weakening and this will be my last winter with my Max. If I could wave a hand, and fix all the rust issues and drive this car for the rest of my life, I would. The world doesn't work that way though, and I'm starting to look for a new vehicle to inhabit my driveway (probably North American) while I enjoy one last winter with my fine Rosewood friend.

5th Dec 2014, 05:12

OP here to agree with you. A friend has a newer Maxima, and I hate the car and so does he. Just one disaster after another with that vehicle. I'm going back to my North American ways. There's just never going to be another Max.