22nd Nov 2002, 12:14

I also own a 1984 Nissan maxima. I had to spend money for struts, rotors, calipers and belts. That should be expected when you buy a used car. When I purchased the car it had over 100 k miles. I have owned this car for 3 years and it still runs good. In the summer with the a/c on this cars temp gage only reaches half way. This is a very good car. The engine purrs like a kitten. It is unfortunate that your cars were not as good. It was probably not maintained by the previous owners.

6th Mar 2005, 19:52

I have a 1984 Nissan Maxima as well. For the most part, this car has been excellent. Like the original posting, the shaft does vibrate under medium to hard acceleration. I have had to replace a caliper on the rear and rotors due to the braking bias being slightly offset. Engine is in near mint condition. Fires first turn and stays smooth. There is a slight ticking from a lazy lifter. Only problem is, everything is falling apart around the engine. I have two huge holes in the rocker panels in front of the rear wheels, the exhaust rotted after 2 years, took 3 days to replace the rear shock/struts, and a fitting in the power steering system blew. All in all, for what I paid (nothing), a minimal investment in parts (albeit they were expensive and hard to find, I did the labor, but it took a while) took this car over 4 years through my sister to me. Now, its time to retire this old girl. Currently, March 6th, 2005, this old bird has only 123,500 miles to her name, with many more still in the engine. But no body to go with it. Nissan or Nissan/Datsun, or whatever you called yourself in 1984, you have served me well.

1st Mar 2008, 00:46

1984 Maxima HAWAII car.... my favorite sedan.

Orig Owner 79,000 miles. 24 years +.

Leather seats still good, no rips.

Engine is great, never stalls. Current set of tires, Michelin over 8 years.

A/C out. Catyl. Converter replaced, many batteries and alternators.

Not that roomy compared to newer cars, but no leaks. Digital dash works goos. Stereo still sounds good, original.

Chocolate Brown paint and caramel brown leather. Great rear visibility.

Enough power for island driving.

Replaced auto transmission 4 years ago, rebuilt.

Classic style, rear-drive.

Easy to service/repair straight six cyl. engine bay.

Major parts still available.

Best car ever bought new.


24th Jun 2008, 00:05

I am still driving my 84 Nissan Maxima! It has over 400k miles on it and is on the 3rd engine and 2nd transmission!. Most of the car is worn out and old, but I can't get rid of it till it does not run anymore! What a great car Nissan built back then! Nut of course this car was 84 Motor Trend car of the year! Long live beaters!

11th Mar 2010, 10:56

I had a 1983 Nissan Maxima. It had 165000 miles when I bought if for $800. I replaced both axle stubs and 3 fuel injectors. Car ran like a champ. Cruise worked when bought along with all the other power options. I loved that car. I replaced the factory clutch at 215000. I drove it till 235000 when I had to junk it due too many electrical problems. It has to go down as one of the best cars I ever owned. Did I mention I used to use it for highway driving doing 900 mile round trips. It was the best $800 I have ever spent.

29th Oct 2017, 05:20

October 2017.

I am replying to my same post that I made in 2008. This was my first car love for over 33 years and 10 months. I gave it to someone on the Island to continue to enjoy the sweet ride that I had for nearly 34 years. He works on cars and she needs some TLC. The engine bay is huge and the straight six cylinder has a great reputation. The car has about 89,000 miles and has no rust. I hope she can go for many more years to come and bring that famous Nissan excitement in driving a Z car engine automobile that made Datsun and Nissan famous. Those days are gone today, but when you get into and drive a car from that era, you really appreciate the sweet ride. Thank you MAXIMA, I will always love you and your ride and the memories, and the way you made me feel driving you, like being in love for the first time.

CheeRS from Honolulu.