21st Aug 2006, 20:44

I had the same problem with Bank 1 O2 sensor problem with my 1999 Nissan Maxima. I spent about $800 to have the dealer replaced both O2 sensors, a new harness (per dealer, the harness was burned because it was placed too close to the engine or exhaust (which one I forgot?) and the many hours of the mechanics labor. Then about a week later the check engine light came back on. But at that time, the car was driven back to school out of state by my daughter and I could not bring it back to the dealer to claim the warranty. Now I am facing the problem of not being able to renew the car registration.

I totally agree that Nissan should recall the car to repair this problem. I love the V6 engine of my Maxima. But this O2 sensor issue is very annoying. If Nissan will not recall the car, I told myself this will be the only and last Nissan car I own. I hope you guys who have the same problem will join me to request Nissan to take responsibility. If not, may be we should consider a campaign to boycott Nissan.

22nd Aug 2006, 15:03

I too have a 2000 Maxima GlE, I've been trying to figure out what the heck is wrong with my car because my "Service Engine Soon" light is on. After reading your comments and situations, I have no problem believing that the same problem is happening with my car. My car runs great, I love that V6 Engine, but with that light on I can't trust my car on a long trip. If this is a Nissan problem, I agree that they should step up.

22nd Aug 2006, 21:43

It's a shame that a lot of people are complaining about their 2000 GLE Nissan Maxima's, and yet the company is not doing anything to fix it. I have had to replace my coils, mass airflow sensor, idle air control valve, and now am up to the cat. converter and O2 sensor. The problem is still the same. The service engine soon light is still on. I thought I bought a lemon, and I wonder if all other Nissan's are like that? What happened to good old customer satisfaction? Nissan should know that many people end up with the same manufacturers if their cars serve them good. It's a shame how many people are commenting and complaining about the service engine soon light.

27th Aug 2006, 14:05

I have a 2000 Maxima and I also have the problems with the oxygen sensor, 2 times I had to replace coils and the car has 100k miles and still the light for check engine soon is on... something is wrong with Nissan in this area...

25th Sep 2006, 10:49

Okay, I know that you guys are thinking that recalls are needed or that your car might be a "lemon." In actuality, however, this is just how these particular Nissans are made. I am a mechanic and a Vehicle emissions inspector and I know about the service engine light all too well. On 1996- to 2003 Maximas, the light comes on for various reasons. Here are the most commons codes I experience when I scan these cars: Bank 1 or 2 Oxygen sensors (That's 4 in total), Knock sensors, Camshaft sensors, and the most annoying to fix, EVAP leak or purge valve. I have lots of customers who buy each of these items from the dealer and they pass inspection with the light off. Simply put, this car has quite a number of sensors, and after a certain number of miles.. these sensors wear or fail. It is extremely common with most Nissans. It is just the way it is. It is a very great car, but very costly to maintain in the long run (due to the inevitable failure of so many sensors). Engineering is to blame. In comparison, Toyotas require just a few repairs to fix the SES light. I have owned 2 late model Maximas, and have spend almost $1000 dollars in parts each just to keep that darn light off. Keep in mind I am a technician. Good luck folks.

30th Oct 2006, 09:45

This is to everyone complaining about their O2 sensors...

I've had similar problems with my 2000 Maxima, but after doing some research, I found the problem was not the 02 sensor, but rather the mass airflow meter (MAF). It's a very quick and fairly inexpensive fix. I did it myself in about 20 minutes, and now my car runs like a dream. Just go on Ebay and look for a MAF for your Maxima. I got mine for about $80.

If you can't find one there, go to www.courtesyparts.com and get one from there about $110. I live in Canada, and the Nissan dealers here charge over $600 for a MAF replacement (ridiculous!!!). It's not that hard to replace one either, even if you don't have a lot of mechanical knowledge; just Google it to find a bunch of great, easy to follow guides.

29th Nov 2006, 23:39

I have to agree about the 2000 Nissan Maxima SES light problem which came on shortly after my purchase and required ignition coil replacement (all of them). Despite speaking to Nissan customer service by phone, they tell me "I see no case records of this problem". Apparently they aren't able to/refuse to look at the links I sent them. The SES light needless to say has come on again and again since then. After being as nice and understanding as I could be, I must admit that I now also hate nissan after what I have gone through and regret the original purchase. Never again.

14th Dec 2006, 09:52

Wow. This is like the twilight zone. Ignition Coils, O2 Sensors, Service Engine lights, Catalytic Converter... when will it ever end. Been there, spent 1000's dollars, and my light is still on.

21st Dec 2006, 08:01

I have a 2000 maxima gle check engine light that is on and I cannot drive the car when it is cold. You can floor the gas all the way but the car sputters and won't go. However, after it warms up, it still sputters occasionally, but is drivable to a certain extent. I have been told the problems are the air flow sensor, coil packs, and knock sensor. Does anybody else have or had this problem thanks in advance.

27th Dec 2006, 03:12

I too have a 2000 Nissan Maxima GLE. I had the same problem in May of this year. I had it checked by my neighbour, who happens to be a mechanic. He did some diagnostics test on the car and it came out that the Cat converter had a problem as well as the sensor. He did some more research a told me not to do anything to the car. He had reset the cpu in the car and told me to drive it. I hadn't seen a light until today. I called him and he said it has to be a problem with the cpu/sensor. I think a recall is needed on these cars. There should be a petition or something to get Nissans attention.

27th Dec 2006, 12:03

Amazing! It appears that I am also not alone with O2 sensor problems, auto trans issues (poss. MAF malfunction) and the dreaded "service engine soon" indicator problems (mine had the nerve to start blinking at me one time when I was going up a twisty stretch of road). In light of these shared issues, I think a class action suit is in order. Anybody know of how to start one if one has not been started already? I will be on the list post haste. The auto trans issue IS quite unsettling, especially when trying to pass on the highway. The high revs and delay in shift have almost left stains in my shorts on 2 occasion's.