1986 Nissan Micra GLX 1.0 from Sweden


Economic and fun, but not safe by modern standards


The second day I owned the car, it failed to start. removing the distributor showed the breaker-points to be faulty, so new ones were put on.

From there on, nothing really broke on the car, it serviced us well for a year until a few days ago when the cam-belt snapped/broke. A costly and big repair, even if you can do it yourself.

General Comments:

Good points:

A very economic car, gas consumption, road-tax e.t.c.

Being so small, it is very flexible and quick in city traffic.

Spare-parts are easy to find, both new and used. And cheap.

Being small and low, it almost feels like a Go-kart sometimes!

Not so good:

Safety in a crash is (almost) none.

Slightly cramped seating positions for all if you are more than 2 in the car.

Noisy at highway-speeds.

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Review Date: 21st October, 2005

1986 Nissan Micra DX 1.? from Belgium


Most fun at the lowest cost I've ever had


Brake seized and clutch exploded within first two weeks of ownership. Fortunately the seller was an honest man and paid 1/2 the 400 Euro repair needed a distributor adjustment and of course a new caliper, which leads me to believe servicing it is quite cheap.

General Comments:

I am looking for a source for parts to tune my Micra to have just a little more punch. AKA a custom header and higher spark ignition and distributor, if after-market carburation and intake manifold is available I'd like to get that too. Also looking for a suspension source for inexpensive, but more responsive struts (firmer ride).

Any guidance on aftermarket parts or anyone who has so boldly "tuned" this little animal of a car I would greatly appreciate.

I bought it as a one year proposition for my stay in belgium based upon cost. Now I'm thinking I might cough up a few extra dollars and turn her into a little hot-rod.

Has anyone done this?

New valve cover and air intake is a must for an American hot-rodder gone Micra.

If anyone has cut into the roof to install a sunroof let me know the model.

Need a source for after-market tuning parts.




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Review Date: 17th September, 2005

1986 Nissan Micra Collette 988cc from UK and Ireland


Fantastic bargain banger


Passenger seat replaced due to fat friend.

Rear shock absorber replaced.

Brake disc's and pads.

General Comments:

This is a basic car, but very reliable.

Handles well for the age of the car.

I paid very little for it and have had to pay very little since.

Prone to non-structural corrosion.

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Review Date: 21st February, 2004

1986 Nissan Micra Collette 1.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


Cheap, surprising, keeps on going


Brake calipers jammed twice

Brake discs had to be replaced

Cracked headlamp (probably my fault)

Certain joints rust easily (see all Colettes - all have the same points rusted!)

Petrol filler tube had to be replaced - is directly above rear passenger wheel, so water and muck is sprayed up at it.

General Comments:

Okay, Nissan Micra - the hairdressers car. It isn't fast (supposedly), isn't flash, and in a number head-on collisions with a Series 2 Land Rover (my parents vehicle) the Land Rover has yet to lose.

However, for a driver like me - careful, yet young and liking a bit of fun - it is good.

Petrol consumption is excellent, and although I have had quite a few things repaired on it over the year I've had it, it is around sixteen years old.

The acceleration in first and second is very good, and although I've probably wrecked the gearbox, I have left many faster cars standing at the traffic lights. If you keep the car nice and empty, and with no passengers particularly, the handling is excellent also.

One point with the four-speed gear box (not including reverse) is that by the time you're going past seventy you could really do with a fifth gear.

The security is not great. The steering lock can be easily snapped, and the door can be bent back so that an intruder and reach in and unlock the door (this happened to me). But providing they don't get away with it some good shoving and pushing in the right points by two people will snap the door right back into place.

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Review Date: 31st October, 2002