1989 Nissan Micra GLX 1.2 from UK and Ireland


Could be a bargain buy


Unpredictable power loss problem.

Engine does not cut, but suddenly loses power and sounds like misfiring.

Even if I get the revs up high and then release the clutch (or drop a gear with high revs) she will not move and seems to choke (nosedive).

This mysteriously disappears if I play with the revs and switch the car off and try again (play about for 5 min).

This problem occurs once a week, twice a day, very unpredictably. I might be expecting a lot from the year model. If similar problems arise, please advise.

General Comments:

I bought my Micra 3 months ago from two previous lady owners (mom and her daughter). Low mileage for year model. I definitely would be able to fill this space once I resolve my problem.

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Review Date: 16th April, 2004

19th Apr 2004, 03:37

I had a similar problem with my Metro it turned out to be the condenser (small silver thing inside the distributer) very cheap to replace think it cost about £5. Hope this helps.

24th Aug 2005, 12:13

Could also be blocked fuel lines (hence loss of power), and then suddenly becoming unblocked. Could be dirty petrol at your local petrol station, try a different petrol station, that might help.

1989 Nissan Micra k10 1.0 from Greece


A reliable small economy car with performance and comfort for those who like smart cars ; -)


I have just replaced distributor.

Some noises from the plastic parts of the car's interior.

General Comments:

Fast accelerating for an one liter engine.

Good handling.

Big cabin although it's small size.

Cheap to run.

Fun to drive (i like the sound when I rev it up)

The seats don't keep you good at the corners.

I would like it more powerful and lowered with alloy wheels!

Parts for the car here are expensive for it's size.

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Review Date: 13th November, 2003

11th Mar 2004, 04:28

I think the nissan micra is a very reliable car in which I find mechanically superb, I have an 86 k10 in which time very minor things have been done, the exterior looks brilliant with a body kit, which was fairly easy to fit, out of 10 I give this car 8.

1989 Nissan Micra GLX 1.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


Cheap, cheerful runabout you can depend on


Doors need a bit of a slam to shut.

Timing was out, resulting in reduced performance, increased fuel consumption and juddering... eventually this and a dodgy carb caused the car to stall when the accelerator wasn't being applied.

Installed new leads, plugs and distributor fixed a few problems with poor starts, uneven idling and misfiring. Even so it doesn't always like the cold or wet and needs a good kick of the accelerator to get going.

General Comments:

It's not glamourous, speedy or exciting. But it's reliable, robust and easy to drive.

Perfect for a city runabout, it's nippy and nimble. It goes 0-30 quite fast, and can handle up to 50 happily. Motorways (70 and above) mean twitchy handling, an uneven and noisy ride and a bit of terror. Nevertheless even with 1 litres of throbbing power it's managed 90mph and could have gone off the speedo at 100 if I didn't value my life as much and eased off the throttle.

If you need a car for shopping, or as a new driver's first car, it's perfectly suited - however long distance cross country runs are best left to something a bit more powerful and bigger.

DO: take it to the shops, drive a friend around, commute, drive around town and the backroads.

DON'T: take it on the motorway for a long trip, try to accelerate with five people in the car, go around a roundabout at more than 30mph.

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Review Date: 21st April, 2003

1989 Nissan Micra LS .74L from North America


A great bargain for around town use


The head gasket failed at 120000 km.

The power transistor failed at 100000 km.

The ignition has an intermittent "no spark" problem I am trying to fix. It is not the power transistor or coil assembly.

General Comments:

This has been a great little car.

I hope to fix this problem using used parts.

New part prices are outrageous.

The power transistor costs $175 CAD.

The car was rust proofed and now shows very little rust.

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Review Date: 16th October, 2002

16th Oct 2002, 16:47

A Nissan Micra in North America? Since when?!

22nd Jul 2004, 19:22

Nissan Micra has been in CANADA since the early eighties, but we only got the K10 model.

6th May 2008, 15:49

I am in Canada and recently bought a 1989 Nissan Micra for the low kilometers on it as well as the awesome shape it was in. Apparently owned by a driving school previously, this sweet little car is a must for any one looking for fuel efficiency and a no nonsense car. The cost of insurance, and gas has definitely had a positive impact on my wallet. I have been offered double for what I paid for it, even before I added a stereo and new tires! If you have one, keep it!!! I love my new little car!