1993 Nissan Micra 1.3 LX CG13DE 1275CC 16v from Netherlands


Rock-solid reliability, cheap to run and still a fun and very capable car.


(My native language is Dutch, since I'm from the Netherlands. So please ignore or change any spell errors which I'll probably make ;) )

- Bought it with badly worn clutch, let a Nissan dealer replace it. I cannot tell why the clutch was in such a bad shape, but after 188,000 km (116 817 miles) it's not an unusual problem.

- Front beam (below radiator) was in bad shape. I let the Nissan dealer replace it, this was also necessary for the Dutch MOT. This problem could have been solved easily, but because the previous owner knows nothing about cars this didn't happen and the problem got too bad to solve easily.

-catalyst cap started to rattle at certain speeds, easy fix. I mean the one under the car, the second catalyst.

-All kinds of rattles in the dash, fixed easily using tie-wraps to re-fix the brake lines etc. under the hood. After the years the plastic joints keeping the brake lines etc. in place become loose.

General Comments:

The car always runs, also with low temperatures. For example on my ski holiday in the Czech Republic after a week on the parking lot. The car started effortlessly with a temperature in the morning of only -14 degrees centigrade (7 degrees Fahrenheit).

Reliability is perfect, even after 198.500 km (123 342 miles) everything is still working. From the blower to the rear window heating, you name it, it works. No rust is showing on the outside of the car. The paintwork is still "shiny". I had to fix some problems on the inside of the door on the steering-side however. (my version is left-hand drive) There is a piece of foam inside the door, which catches the window when you turn it down. This piece of foam started to collect moisture, and thus the underside of the door started to rust.

Since I have the 1.3 LX version the car is quite fast for it's size. It only weighs 800 kg, but has 75 HP (56 KW) of power. This means it handles quite well on the motorway, better than the 1.0 version which a friend of my has. The engine is smooth and revvy, but also economical when you drive easily. Fuel consumption varies from 13 (36.72 GB mpg) to 16 (45.2 GB mpg) KM per litre depending on the type of traffic and the weather.

I live about 20 km from the German border, and so I have easy access to the autobahn. I tried the car on the autobahn and it effortlessly reaches 160 km/h (about 100 mph) and it can go even faster, but than the car becomes uncomfortable. Quite nice for a little Nissan Micra.

Affordability is also a good point. As it is quite expensive to own a car in the Netherlands because of taxes, it costs me only about 27 euro/month for insurance and road tax to own it (that's about 18,1 pounds). The maintenance is relatively cheap, because it doesn't need much and never breaks down. Since I'm a student and it's my first car, this is great.

There is only one downside, the image. Almost all people in The Netherlands driving a Nissan Micra are old, very old. It's known here as a old woman's car. (this seems to be the case in most countries) However I don't care, I like my reliable Nissan Micra!

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Review Date: 7th November, 2006

7th Nov 2006, 13:21

Great review... too bad the Micra isn't sold here in the States.

4th Jan 2008, 12:14

If your Micra is still getting such good fuel consumption after such distance I look forward to owning mine another few years. Mine is the automatic SLX reviewed here, and its fuel consumption is probably approaching 50mpg (18km/litre or so) on long-distance cruises. That in an automatic as well.

1993 Nissan Micra 1.0L 1.0 from UK and Ireland


A Reliable Servant


Brake Cylinders Replaced

CV Joints Repaired (Still Rattles!)

Windscreen Washer Jets Playing Up

Air Blowers only work on High Setting.

Routine Oil & Filter Changes (A MUST with Micra's)

General Comments:

This Car is Probably one of the most reliable small cars ever built,

As long as it is not hammered, the car will always start first turn, and nothing ever seems to go wrong with it!

The only down sides, are the earlier models have no Air bags, power steering or ABS, so please drive it carefully!

The door seals and windscreen seals are useless, so expect your windscreen and side windows to steam up at any sign of rain, and if it does rain all night, expect the passenger footwell to be quite damp.

This is quite common so I am told, by 1993-1996 owners.

Still, despite this, I have had some great motoring out of my car, and it genuinely is really great fun to drive.

If you want an A to B runaround, look no further, its probably the nippiest, and certainly the most reliable of the bunch.

Expect it to gasp for breath at any incline on the motorway, but what do you want from a 1 Liter Engine?

All in All the best value car I have had, been through the MOT several times, and was never Expensive to put right, and the tax and Insurance are low to boot, Magic!

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Review Date: 9th August, 2006