1993 Nissan Micra 1,0L 998cc from Germany


High Class Miniature


Replaced the front brakes at 109,00Km`s

Got the wheels balanced to cure a high speed steering wobble.

The heater only works on high speed fan setting.

Had to recently replace the rear brake cylinders to get through the M.O.T.

General Comments:

Great fun car to drive and throw around country lanes.

Excellent performance for such a small engine.

Good economy and excellent reliability, never fails to start first time!

The seats can be a little uncomfortable on long hauls.

No intermittent wipe, or low oil lamp!

But on the whole, a super very fun reliable runaround.

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Review Date: 15th December, 2004

4th Mar 2015, 13:58

The problem with cabin fan blower working only on the highest speed is a common fault to all my Japanese cars (not sure about others).

There is small circuit board under the fan blower secured with 2 screws; it has one resistor soldered on it. I have just put it out and short bricked all possible positions (there are 5 pins on connector) with a soldering iron, and it works on my wife's 4 Micras.

It also works on an old Primera.

1993 Nissan Micra Super S 1.3 16v Twin Cam from UK and Ireland


Underestimated granny car


I had to replace the clutch at 95,000 miles.

A hole appeared under the drivers door which needed welding.

The front brakes were replaced at 98,000 miles.

The Constant Velocity Joint in the front-left wheel was replaced at 102,000 miles.

General Comments:

Very nippy car for a 1.3 engine and sounds great with the induction kit and sports exhaust.

The car goes round a corner like a double-decker bus, but still handles better than other cars I've been in.

Lots of headroom.

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Review Date: 29th September, 2004

1993 Nissan Micra L 1.0L from Germany


A fun package that's solidly reliable


Besides topping up the oil, nothing at all.

General Comments:

This car is a joy to drive, like a fairground go-kart.

I have had great fun driving this car, and it has never failed to start first time!

It does although lack a few basic functions, that can prove irritating.

There is no intermittent wipe.

The outside mirrors cannot be adjusted from inside the car!

There is no warning light to tell you when the oil level is low.

Despite these drawbacks, I still would highly recommend this car to anybody looking for a first time runabout.

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Review Date: 5th June, 2003

1993 Nissan Micra L 1.2 from Belgium


A great all-rounder


Nothing has gone wrong to date.

General Comments:

This is a great car to learn with. It is cheap in fuel consumption, handles very well, you have to steer it in to a turn gently and the car will do the rest. I have done things with this car that some people can't believe and it won't let me down. This is a great car in the city and has no problems with the motorway, it will just take you where you want, without any problems.

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Review Date: 11th May, 2002

1993 Nissan Micra LX 1.3 16v from UK and Ireland


Thrash-happy hatchback


Nothing. Not a thing.

General Comments:

The 1.3 is a fantastic rev-happy engine, easily capable of keeping up with most other manufacturer's 1.4L models. This car took regular 300 mile trips to see the in-laws in its stride, cruising at 90-95mph all the way. Totally reliable in the time we had it.

The interior is a good place to be, with decent design and good quality plastics. It could have done with a rev counter - although the way we thrashed it, it was probably better not to know how far beyond the red-line it had gone... It could also have done with power steering.

Compared to Novas, Fiestas, Swifts or Metros of the same age, it was light years ahead in all respects.

My wife cried when we sold it. Aaaah.

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Review Date: 26th October, 2001

1993 Nissan Micra LX 1.0 from UK and Ireland


Don't laugh - Micras are great


The clutch finally wore out at about 50-55,000 miles.

I replaced the battery and brake pads before they really needed it.

The car has developed a slight leak from the base of the windscreen on the passenger side - nothing a bit of sealant won't fix.

General Comments:

I've had this car since I was eighteen. It saw me through university. It's had numerous thrashings over the Pennines. And it still keeps going.

I learned to drive in the thing which is probably why I've had to replace the clutch. It's a great little car which should keep going for years.

I've marked it down on comfort, simply because 1- it's a bit small, and 2- when I'm driving it my knee rests against the window winder which makes it a bit uncomfy.

I've marked it down on performance because it can't really compete with a lot of the other cars out there, but for a 1-litre car it goes really well.

I'm now thinking about replacing the car, but only because I want something a bit more powerful - and I've owned it for 5 years anyway.

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Review Date: 28th March, 2001

4th Jun 2001, 17:08

Reply to this if you can... I am 17 and looking for a first car; how did your insurance quotes on the micra compare with other cars? Thanks ;)

13th Jun 2001, 04:04

To the 17 year old looking for insurance on a Nissan Micra, I'm 24 and also in a high insurance bracket. Ring Quoteline or look for it on the internet, they seem to be the best fully comp quote I've had so far, good luck!