1997 Nissan Micra Vibe 1.0 16v twin cam from UK and Ireland


Fastest, reliable, cheap to insure car


Just needed a new battery a couple of weeks ago, which I was surprised lasted that long, as it was the original battery, and the car does not get used much.

Apart from that, nothing.

General Comments:

A really good, fast, reliable, cheap to insure car.

I have read on this site that the top speed is about 110 miles per hour. Can somebody can confirm that? That would be great. I would not be surprised if it could do that with its 16 valve twin cam engine.

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Review Date: 20th July, 2006

20th Jul 2006, 14:41

I think 100 mph is more likely, but most car speedos over-read by about 10% anyway so it might indicate 110.

These are the best cheapo hatches IMO.

24th Jul 2006, 16:01

They are really good car and fast for a 1 litre engine. What more could you ask for?

29th Aug 2006, 15:07

Listen man, I saw what some guy wrote the other day, he was well out of order. Micras are the best cars for beginners, I should know as I have had two. They were and are tremendous little motors, not like Citroen, Fiat.

Great car, brilliant, good on insurance (group 3).

One more thing - Micra's rule!!!

My eldest son has just bought the 1998 model, good lad! Great car survey.

1997 Nissan Micra Vibe 1.0L from UK and Ireland


Not as good as the earlier models


The car had a pronounced pull to the left. (Dealer said nothing wrong)

Vibration from steering wheel over 60 mph. (Dealer could find no fault.

Timing chain had to be replaced at46000 miles, at a cost of £380, which included an oil change.

Rusting underneath the door mirror.

Rust coming from inside box section at rear.

General Comments:

This is the third Micra we have had and it is the worst.

The steering was corrected by a third party garage.

The imbalance at the front was never corrected as it was nothing to do with wheel balance.

However it is a nice economical town car with easy steering characteristics. The gearbox is a delight and it will happily take 5th gear at 35 mph.

It is a very expensive car to have maintained by the dealership despite there being very little actual work required.

The 60,000 mile warranty or 3 years is of very little use to the average motorist.

The dealership extolled the service department and spares, but this was not the case. Anything we required had to be ordered and this even meant bulbs. A service including some work had to be done in two goes.

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Review Date: 17th October, 2004

31st Dec 2004, 10:41

That chain shouldn't have needed doing (unless oil changes were neglected), despite what the garage no doubt told you. Get that oil changed regularly, people!

Rust can certainly rear its ugly head on these.

Regarding the pull to left, try swapping the front wheels over. These cars seem quite sensitive to tyre discrepancies, and this can make the difference.

1997 Nissan Micra Passion 1.0 from UK and Ireland


Reliable and cheap to run unless you have to buy a dealer part


Main initial problem was flooding when starting first thing in the morning. This fault was very intermittent. I eventually got it out of the dealer that this is a known problem. The first thing done was to fit a resistor into the wiring loom. This did not work as it was for earlier models. It appears they have fixed it now; the cause is the base idle setting. This needs the dealers' service computer to rectify.

The other main gripe which they cannot fix is a plastic type knock which happens when it goes over a small hole. They have replaced the plastic spacers in the suspension (under the warranty... the fault is still there and now out of 3 year warranty! The extended warranty does not cover this).

I have had the drivers seatbelt replaced under warranty; I wished that I had the others done as it showed how slack they had become (not retracting).

The number plate lamp trim was replaced under warranty due to a bracket breaking. This appears to be a weak design.

General Comments:

The car should last mechanically but I am sceptical about the trim. I feel that the trim build quality is not as good as bigger Nissans.

If you are looking for a cheap car to run about town, you will not go wrong unless you are unlucky. This car needs to have been maintained by a Nissan dealer, but I feel the oil change periods are too far apart for a car that has lots of small journeys (I change my oil myself in-between the annual time service as I don't make the mileage criteria).

This car will be cheap to run unless you need to fit a part which will cost you dear. Try to find one with extended warranty.

On motorways the cabin is quiet and the 1.0L will sit at 80mph all day. I am happy in general as it is a runabout that will always start.

I found that I had to argue my warranty claims with my dealer.

Beware that newer Micra's have 14 inch wheels which means more expensive tyres. S reg and before had 13 inch wheels.

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Review Date: 7th May, 2001

31st Dec 2004, 10:49

A good review.

The flooding problem on these can be got around without trips to the dealer, simply by cranking with the throttle down when the engine has become flooded.

5th Mar 2005, 15:11

Another dealer has now solved this problem. I simply have to turn the ignition on and leave it in the run position for two or three seconds before turning the engine over. This gives the ECU time to read the values on the sensors so that it can get the injection amounts correct. It has never gone flooded since using this technique.

13th Jan 2012, 21:21

Regarding flooding, a quick and easy fix to cure the non starting problem, is to take out the spark plugs, and simply give a wipe, and maybe a clean. I brought my Micra on Monday, I started it on Wednesday, and on Thursday evening, the car would not start when I wanted to drive it back.

Friday morning, the spark plugs were cleaned, and from not starting, it started first time.

I hope that this problem will not come back, as they are an excellent drive.

1997 Nissan Micra Shape 1.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


Ideal city car and pleasant on the open road


One offside CV joint @ 58,000 miles replaced under warranty.

Assorted bulbs.

General Comments:

This car's had a hard life as a driving school "hack", much abuse, never let me down.

Terrific engines, quiet, smooth and punchy. This car (company owned) had four oil changes in 80,000 miles! Never smoked or rattled.

Drive at a steady 60mph and I was getting 57mpg, around town worst was about 40mpg.

CVT 'box is excellent.

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Review Date: 28th January, 2001

1997 Nissan Micra GX 1.3 16v from UK and Ireland


Without reservation this car is the best supermini


The plastic trim on the side of the car started peeling off, but was rectified with superglue.

General Comments:

Absolutely faultless mechanics - has not been a moments trouble since purchased. The 16v 1.3 engine packs a punch although lateral stability on motorways and in side winds suffers because of the short wheel base.

Regularly serviced by the local Nissan dealer.

I am over 6 feet tall and can comfortably drive the car, its all round visibility is on a par with a goldfish bowl.

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Review Date: 15th January, 2001

1997 Nissan Micra Shape 3 door 1.0 from UK and Ireland


A superb supermini


Absolutely nothing.

General Comments:

Although it has only a small mileage the reliability is top notch, comfort is good and the engine is good for 1 litre.

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Review Date: 10th January, 2001

1997 Nissan Micra GX 1.3 16v petrol from UK and Ireland



General Comments:

This is my 4th Micra and I would recommend them to anybody, reliability is absolutely faultless although Nissan should enforce higher standards on their dealers.

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Review Date: 24th November, 1997

1997 Nissan Micra GX 1.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


Nothing as yet

General Comments:

Probably *the* best 1.0ltr car I've driven. Has some things missing, such as rewind button on radio, but still a nice little car.

Crashed my first one, but due to (in my opinion) good safety features, was unhurt. Nissan could do with making more powerful versions, like an XR2i rival.

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Review Date: 24th August, 1997