2004 Nissan Micra SE 1.4 tdi from UK and Ireland


A good little car, very economical and nippy


Rear number plate fell off - it was just stuck on with double sided sticky tape.

Apart from that nothing else!

General Comments:

A great little car to drive and manoeuvre. Very nippy with the more powerful of the diesel engines.

Very economical - usually 60+ MPG.

Comfy seats.

Good headroom.

The car could be made even better by-

1. Spending a few pence on putting sound proofing in the door panels (2 door) and in the side panels to cut down the tinny noise when you shut the door

2. Spending a couple of pounds in the factory and fit plastic rear wheel arch linings to stop all the salt and mud going into the complicated mud traps where the bumper meets the body. The fuel pipes also end up covered in road dirt where they leave the filler cap.

3. For a few pence fit a piece of plastic around where you fill the washer bottle - if you miss the tiny filler hole you put water all over the alternator - not a good idea!

Water also ends up getting in to the engine compartment when the car is washed.

Anyway these are minor moans! Overall the car is great.

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Review Date: 7th March, 2006

2004 Nissan Micra SX 1.5 Dci (82PS) from UK and Ireland


Fab, funky and so cheap to run!


Nothing has gone wrong with the car at present.

General Comments:

I wanted a newer car and had preconceived ideas about Nissan Micras... that is until I drove one. I purchased the top diesel model which has a common-rail diesel injection engine (based on a Renault Clio design). This not only delivers 82PS, but also does around 70mpg. It really does! This obviously makes cheaper fuel economy, but road tax is also a snip at £85 a year as it is so ecofriendly. Bargain!

The SX class comes with a stack of features; climate control air conditioning, drive computer (which works out fuel economy, how far you can drive on the fuel in the tank, average speed etc), CD player, rain sensitive wipers (they really work in all weather and are fantastic), keyless entry and many other things I wasn't expecting to find on a small car. Even the entry level has some good standard features.

It also has a heap of storage space, I keep finding compartments I didn't know existed! I love the secret compartment under the passenger seat, and the sliding boot makes it truly cavernous. I managed to get a 32" widescreen telly comfortably in the back of mine, the salesman decided it was a tardis as is so much bigger in than out!

It is great to drive. You probably won't race anyone at the lights, but as soon as you're into 2nd gear it is really nippy and responds well should you need to overtake etc. The salesman said it is the equivalent power of a 2l petrol engine, quite a lot in such a small car! It also has speed sensitive power steering which makes a it a dream to park, but gives it a feeling of stability at faster speeds.

I love this car. The design isn't to everyone's taste on the outside, but everyone who has sat in mine loves it on the inside (even some people with high spec posh cars!) They keep saying "Wow!" and "...but mine doesn't do that!" and "But its SO big inside" and "Did you say this was a micra??". They're impressed. And so I am I. Enough said.

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Review Date: 12th April, 2005

16th Jun 2006, 17:44

This car is awful. My mum owns one and I have driven it before. Let me get started with the outside - the shell design and headlamps look awful, that most people agree with.

The inside - no rear legroom, granted enough in the front seats. The interior looks awful, feels horrible and the plastic looks cheap, especially the white buttons, and the seating position is awful.

The drive - quite possibly the worst drive I have ever experienced, very very slow and could not match any 2 ltr petrol engine's performance figures. I own a Fiesta ST 2 litre petrol engined car, and it's much much quicker. Once you hit 3rd gear in the Micra, you will barely feel it move it's so slow.

Your performance figures are a bit off as well - my mum's 2003 1.4 petrol engined Micra will only do 104 mph, and Nissian state the 82ps 1.5 will only do 106 mph with a very slow 0-60 time of 12.3, which is hardly impressive.

The dynamics of the car are very bad as well. Once you hit 60, the car feels like it's going to fall apart. The steering has no feel to it, and if you drive it at a high speed, the suspension is not very good either.

In conclusion, the Micra is a bad car and 99 out 100 people agree. For the money you could buy a far better car eg Toyota Yaris, Ford Fiesta, or the Renault Clio.

2004 Nissan Micra SX dci 80 from UK and Ireland


A well thought out practical car


Power steering motor failed, but dealer replaced under warranty without question, lent me a top of the range Almera while being fixed.

General Comments:

Had great reservations about buying this rather strange looking car, took some stick from my teenage sons.

However one year on and 20k later it's a fantastic drive. It feels like a large car when inside.

There is some road noise at motorway speeds, but this is fully compensated by the amazing fuel consumption.I've nether had less that 58 most of the time it returns well over 60mpg.

It has a computer which records the fuel consumption. The SX model is very well equipped, which adds to the motoring enjoyment. The keyless entry is very useful.

The dci diesel engine has carried four adults with no effort and not too many complaints about space in the rear.

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Review Date: 12th February, 2005