18th Jun 2006, 19:00

"In conclusion, the Micra is a bad car and 99 out 100 people agree."

That is absolute rubbish.

If you asked 100 Micra owners what they thought, it'd probably be more like 99/100 love them.. or even 100 people on the street for that matter! The looks are controversial, yes.

OK, we know that you don't like it, but what about your mum?

And you can't compare an 88bhp (i think) 1.4 to a 150bhp 2.0! Of couse the Micra will come off worse!

I'm not saying you're not entitled to your opinion, I'm just saying that I'm sure a lot of people completely disagree with it.

2nd Jul 2006, 04:40

Well of course 99 out 100 Micra owners love them. If they didn't like them, they would not have bought the car.

What I said was 99 out 100 of all people don't like them, which is hard to argue with when you look at their sales records and reviews. Take Top Gear for example, biggest car media program worldwide, and it was voted a seriously uncool car to have.

You also said the salesman told you that your Micra was equivalent to a two litre engined car, even though the car will only do 104 mph... OK... when you make statements like that you should be able to back them up by comparing them to other two litre cars. It's like saying my 2 litre Fiesta is equivalent to a Ferrari Enzo - it's not at the end of the day, and I have no basis for making that comment, and neither did your salesman.

7th Nov 2008, 17:08

Well I own a 2005 Micra, and I think it is a really nice car to drive. I have had it almost 2 years now and am happy with it. My husband drove it and liked it too, so he exchanged his Skoda Fabia which was a 1900cc diesel that he loved too, but he did not need a bigger engine anymore, the tax was higher, so he was quite happy to have the Micra.

There are one or two little points I may change, but overall I love the car.

29th Jan 2013, 17:05

The whole of the author's experience is based around a somewhat incomparable car in the Fiesta ST. To whom does the author speak to when he quotes a mismatched top speed difference of 2 mph???

Nissans (notably the Micra) are generally regarded as safe, sensible, economical and practical cars. I need say no more.

7th Apr 2013, 12:47

To the writer, you buy a car for reason. Now if those reasons you had for owning the Focus ST are the same ones you're using to appraise the Nissan, then indeed you are not serious.

That's the reason why in car magazines and programmes (e.g. Top Gear), there are reviews, and then there are comparative tests. So when you write a comment on this car, it's best that you compare it with similar cars; not just size, but also engine and all, so that your utterances make sense and are of use to others. Think of the Demios, Yaris etc.

P.S. your views on appearances don't really hold water, because other might think different.