3rd Oct 2003, 12:42

Correct. The UK motoring media is extremely image obsessed. They don't have to spend their own money on cars, unlike some of us here in the real world. Cars are little more than big, expensive toys to them. That can work in your favour though, just look what good value Nissans are used. Even buying new you can get some amazing bargains if you shop around on the 'net.

13th Dec 2004, 03:18


I own a Nissan Micra 1.3 1993. I bought it second hand 3 years ago and had no problems at all until last week. The car was jumping (kangarooing) a lot and the mechanic replaced the throttle body with a used spare part.

Now the problem is reduced, but did not disappeared completely. It is much less frequent and when I took the car to the mechanic we could not replicate it.

To the person posting this very same mechanical issue, I would like to ask if your problem was solved or if you experienced it again after they changed the Throttle Body.

In case you would like to write directly my email is: lcastignani@hotmail.com.



1st Mar 2007, 18:22

The throttle body is aknown problem with older Micras-in fact its one of the only engine problems. It can cause the engine to cut out intermittently i.e. when warm (almost like an ignition or coil problem) or cause bad running problems like your suffering.

I would suspect the replacement part was faulty or has been badly fitted -seek a second opinion -these engines are pretty much bullet proof and from my experience nothing else goes wrong.

11th May 2007, 17:34

I purchased an L reg micra 3 years ago, 60,000 on the clock, all I have had to replace during this time is the oil, oil filter, and brake pads for the MOT, its just a little gem of a car.

12th Sep 2007, 06:08

I have a 1994 Nissan Micra, very clean car! I have had to replace the clutch, gearbox, brake pads, brake discs, brake shoes and I may need a new windscreen as its cracked! I find that when doing 70mph you feel it is going to blow up! However, its my first car and only cost £650!

28th Nov 2007, 12:49

I have a '96 Nissan Micra/March. The windscreen has marks on it that look like it was wiped with a dirty cloth, but no amount of cleaning will get rid of it. It shows up really bad when the windscreen gets misted. Has anyone else had this problem? If anyone has a solution I would be so grateful!

29th Apr 2008, 18:35

I had a L reg Nissan micra.

For driving 70 - 80 Mph, the steering is shaking. Yes, I got this problem, but it had gone after I did tracking.

For jumping, I checked everything both manual and computer check and didn't find any clues.

But overall, it was my good car, cheap, and reliable.

24th Dec 2009, 18:56

My L reg Nissan Micra (1.3LX) never let me down, she had 80k miles on clock when I bought it (for £350) and nearly 125k miles when sold. I only changed oil and filter during this period from time to time. And bought a set of tyres just before I sold it.

Used daily to go to school and deliver pizzas in evening (nearly 100 miles per day). I love Nissans.