1994 Nissan Micra Basic Model 1.0L petrol from UK and Ireland


Clutch replaced in 2008.

Annoying faults with wipers and screen washers - mechanic's fault originally!

General Comments:

Ideal small car; comfortable on longer journeys - nippy around town.

Same battery and silencer as when I bought it!

Always started and ran reliably for 8 years.

Very cheap to run; only basic maintenance and repairs for MOTs.

Don't expect high performance or refinements! Wish I'd bought higher specs, e.g. intermittent wiper setting, power steering.

Just bought another low mileage 2002 Micra - hope it's as good.

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Review Date: 30th July, 2013

1994 Nissan Micra March 1.0 from Cyprus


A lovely little car


Cooling fan.

Rear brake cylinder.


General Comments:

A super little car with a heart like a lion.

We keep it in Cyprus, and use it when we visit the island. It starts first time, and has run for the last 15 years without any fuss.

We do have it serviced every other year, but it has needed very little attention. New tyres is about the only extra expenditure.

It has developed a fault with the slow running of the engine, and we would like to hear from anyone who could help us identify the fault and give a possible solution. The car starts and runs well, but the engine revs when warm. It seems like the choke is not shutting down. Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated.

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Review Date: 11th September, 2012

1994 Nissan Micra Base 1.0 DOHC from UK and Ireland


Exceeded all my expectations


Fan switch resistor failed. After trying 6 others from a scrapyard that also didn't work, I made one with 3 4ohm resistors from an electronics store, and an hour with a soldering iron. Seems to be the only weakness on these cars.

General Comments:

I bought it to replace my Nova saloon when rust got a hold of it.

Apart from the small boot (the Nova had an enormous one for a tiny car) and the lack of intermittent wipers, it is simply heaps better.

It is faster, more comfortable, more frugal with fuel, much more pleasant to drive, quieter and smoother riding than any other small car I have driven.

Around town it is a pleasure to drive. Long motorway trips are fine within its limitations; cruising at 70mph is no problem, but I know the car is working hard, I don't need to turn up the radio though.

Parking is easy, it fits into tiny gaps.

I wish it had intermittent wipers and a rear wiper. I thought I would regret non power steering, but it is light anyway, so not a problem.

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Review Date: 21st July, 2011

1994 Nissan Micra L 1.0 from UK and Ireland


Despite girly looks, this is one cracking car


This is my sisters car, left at home as she didn't need it much in 2007.

Seats are a bit grubby, and the engine seemed to tick and not run smoothly enough for my taste.

Come 2007 MOT time, I found out that a few things it had failed on previous weren't really addressed.

Rear brakes were poor, and the underbody rust is a major issue as there's a hole under the rear passenger compartment, but the bodywork is fine.

General Comments:

Despite that, it isn't all bad.

Since it's been left in my care, all the lights work and the rear brakes have had new drums and wheel cylinders.

The car was serviced at 54k miles, and now it's running really smooth with no ticking, no mayonnaising, and it's using no water or oil. Was averaging 4500 per year I worked out, and we've put on 8000 since it was serviced in 2007.

It's a really good car to drive. The engine is perky and the gear change is nice and stiff.

Motorway work isn't too bad, but I prefer my beefier Skoda's 1.6, as it's a more accomplished cruiser.

Don't expect luxuries on this model, but you don't miss them! The car isn't too bad to place without PAS, and there's very little to go wrong.

It's cheap to buy, run and tax.

It does look girly, but you'll be laughing all the way to the bank; plus it does have a certain charm.

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Review Date: 22nd March, 2008