1994 Nissan Micra 1L petrol CG10DE from Australia and New Zealand


I can't find a better 1-1.3L car, it's great to drive and cheap


There are no fault codes or any other faults.

Sometimes it doesn't start as quickly as normal.

It gets about 450km from a tank, similar to another friends, but a 3rd friend with an identical model gets at least 600km from a tank, similarly a 4th friend with the 1.3L model also gets around 600km.

I've heard the throttle body / AFM fails around 100-150,000km, I don't think mine has those symptoms yet but it's an easy, moderately priced fix when it happens & the car will be good for another 100-150,000km once fixed.

My timing chains are quiet but once they sound like bolts getting shaken up in a paint tin, they need to be replaced along with their tensioners, can be anywhere from 140-280,000km. Bit expensive, but lots of warning. If they go bang, engine is probably not worth repairing.

General Comments:

Easy to park.

Plenty of headroom, I'm 6'2" 188cm.

Mine is the 2 door model, the doors are longer offering a larger opening for me to get in & out of.

Often described as a bit like a go-cart, the 1.3L certainly.

A bit like a TARDIS, amazing how much stuff can be stuffed inside.

In the future, I will buy another one, same model except newer, maybe the 1.3L.

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Review Date: 13th March, 2007

1994 Nissan Micra L 1.0 from UK and Ireland


A perfect 1st car!!!


Nothing major has gone wrong with the car at all.

I have had to only pay out for new headlight bulbs and a new exhaust gasket.

General Comments:

I absolutely love this car. People underestimate the Nissan Micra, but I think they have to be one of the most reliable city cars.

My sister and I bought the car two years ago off a mechanic who previously bought the car off an elderly woman who had it since brand new. For a car that was ten years old it only had 27,000 miles on the clock.

Two years on and it still a little superstar. We have driven 21,000 miles in two years and it still continues to run. My sister worked in Bracknell for a year so she drove backwards and forwards to London every weekend in this car, practically busted the nuts out of it, and she never had any trouble with it.

It is a very cheap car to run. I am driving just under 200 miles a week and a full tank lasts nearly up 3 weeks.

For a 1.0 litre it is a very nippy car.

I find it a very comfortable car, because I'm 6 foot I have to have my seat as far back as it goes, but I have plenty of headroom as it is the 2nd edition, bubble shape version. Perfect vision on the road because it has a very long windscreen height and width ways. Also another thing I love about this car is that you can see the bonnet, woohoooo! This makes it easier while parking infront of walls and behind other cars on the road.

Parking is nice as its only a small car, but as I do not have power steering, this can be quite tiring.

All the controls are in the right places and are easy to find while you are driving.

I give this car a 10/10! and I am going to be sad when she goes. My aim is to get her up to 100000 miles.

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Review Date: 30th July, 2006

21st Nov 2006, 05:26

I have a 1994 Micra and she's up on 104,000 miles now... The timing chain is a fantastic job.She's a twincam... Very Nippy and extremely reliable.. Love it to pieces and am not lookin forward to her retirement.

24th May 2007, 08:41

Just an update... i am now on 60,000 miles and I still haven't had any problems with my micra! It has got me through the blackwall tunnel and back everyday for months now..

The only problem is that she is starting to show her age!

12th Nov 2008, 13:42

My sisters has 68k miles on her now.

Only major work done in our 3 years ownership are the clutch, rear brakes and 3 new tyres.

Regular servicing and its driving very well. The gearchange is nice and tight and the engine revs sweetly with a smooth power delivery.

Should break the 100k miles mark.

Needs welding on the underbody but no major rusting anywhere else.

25th Nov 2011, 15:34

My Micra has just passed 105,000, and still drives great. Plenty more miles to go.