23rd Jan 2004, 15:06

I own a 2003 Micra 1.2 s I would say that although I've owned it less than 4000 miles that is just about as many as I want. I concur with previous comments on the trim, but my problem is electrical. The lights refused to turn off and the warning buzzer would not work when leaving the car with the lights on. The dealership had no idea how to fix it. Eventually they wired it through the ignition to turn off power to the lights when the ignition is off. One week later the brakes failed I stopped using the handbrake, I know the brakes are electrically power assisted and I wondered if the unsolved electric problem may have affected the brakes. My dealer didn't ask a mechanic, the salesman said "that's normal it's the ABS sometimes they takes a second or two to work". Overall the Micra is a good small car with surprisingly good fuel economy, comfy with nice features, the movable rear seat being my favorite. But the dealers (somewhat dangerous) comments and the lack of interest from Nissan customer support means mine is up for sale. Nice car, very poor after sales service.

14th Oct 2004, 11:57

I bought a Micra 1.3 GX January 2004 (1996 model) and have had no problems at all. My only complaint after full servicing the engine light started flashing. I changed full NAT system Plus keys. I spent already 200 pound on it. But Its still flashing. I don't know what do now.

19th Oct 2004, 05:35

The last comment is not really useful, you are talking about the PREVIOUS model. What I've come across in the New Micra is generally very good, early cars are often subject to build issues, always wait six months with any model before buying I say.

19th Oct 2004, 08:55

Well, that's what happens when a once-great Japanese company is taken over by the French (Renault)...

4th Nov 2004, 07:05

French cars no good eh? Renault performs well in Formula 1 Peugeot is a strong Rally winner and Citroen is 2004 World Rally Champion. Perhaps IF Nissan has problems it's building their cars in Britain that's the real headache?

17th Feb 2005, 13:50

Of what importance is motor sport when buying a car? It doesn't make a good car, just look at the Pugeout 307 as an example of terrible reliability!

The last micra was built in Britain and that was very well made, as are the Primera and Almera. British produced cars are no longer poor quality rust buckets. You only have to look at Toyota and Honda and their British produced cars are extremely well made.

12th Dec 2008, 03:47

Renault's cars are total rubbish - Read the reviews from Renault on here - Looking down this row of blue faces is just like the rows of blue faces for Renault Lagunas 2001 onwards and the Megane 2001 onwards - Cheap and nasty, unreliable and shoddy cars that do not serve the purpose they were built for.

I'd say the person above does not even live in the UK to come up with rubbish like this.

I drive a 1999 Primera made in Sunderland, England and it is superb, along with all the other Nissans built here until Renault stuck their noses in. Most of the parts for the Micra and new Primera are made by Renault - including the engines. That is why 2002 onwards Nissans fall to bits and fail miserably - Not because they were built in England, because they were designed and built by Renault and had a Nissan badge stuck on the back.

Renault are diabolically bad - sorry but that's the truth. I have asked this at my Local Nissan dealers and they tell me that since Renault became involved, their lives are made miserable by angry and dissatisfied customers. The Nissan of old has gone, it went when Renault took the helm.

24th Dec 2009, 02:39

I own a Nissan Almera 1996 manual (second hand) and - although I am not a manual fan - it is a brilliant car!!! Unfortunately, the fact that Nissan has been collaborating with Renault, put me off Nissan forever as a possible car selection (I was thinking of buying a second hand Nissan Almera 1.8 automatic 2001, as I love automatics, but will it be reliable???).

The problem is that I do not trust Renault. I am seeing it every day in my own family! My sister has a 1999 Renault Megane Classic and is loaded with several problems... I remember her saying to me: Stay away from French cars...

So, when buying a car for myself it will be a pure blooded Japanese car and not a French one with a Japanese badge...

I am deeply disappointed from Nissan. There was a time when they had been standing high above the ground, and now they are simply crawling...

24th Dec 2009, 13:16

If they had blended Nissan's reliability with Renault's design and handling capabilities, the new Nissan's could have been spectacularly good. Unfortunately Nissan just seems to have inherited some of the rubbish bits Renault are renowned for, such as being totally impractical to work on and having stupid common faults that needn't be there.