2003 Nissan Micra E 1.0 from UK and Ireland


Why change a good thing! There is no comparison with the older model and the new one!


Not firing on all cylinders

Seat creaking, replaced twice, going in today (02-11-05) for third replacement

Ignition failure, new ignition barrel

Passenger seat faulty, doesn't work automatically and you have to pull leaver underneath to pull forward when people get in the back of the car. This has also been replaced three times.

Bonnet locking mechanism faulty when purchased car, had to return same night

Boot locking mechanism wouldn't lock, kept coming open, locking mechanism replaced

Driver side door now doesn't lock, came open whilst driving and had to drive home with one hand on steering wheel and one holding door shut. I have to climb in through passenger side until this is fixed.

Seat material has bobbled and they aren't that comfortable when driving for long periods of time.

I'm 2 days late with my service and have been told that if the service of £160 (2nd Service) isn't done, they can refuse to do any further work on my car. However, they have fixed everything else that has gone wrong.

General Comments:

The Nissan dealer has stated that the problems I've had are common in the new Micra and I should be thankful that I've had all the teething problems. I don't expect to pay that much money for a new car and be told that it has teething problems like I've experienced.

I've always had a Nissan Micra, however am very dissappointed with this model, they aren't as fast as the old shape (vibe) and are chug along when pulling away. I believe this is because the new body is heavier.

I had my last Micra 6 and a half years and it never went into the garage. I've had this car for 2 years and it's in the garage every other month with problems!

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Review Date: 2nd November, 2005

27th Apr 2007, 09:29

I agree about reliability of new Micras. My girlfriend bought a pre-registered Micra L (basic model) in Jan 04. Have had continual problems with the crankshaft sensor - car cuts out & needs AA man to get it started. Dealer has put new sensor in, but problem still there.

Radio has had to be replaced - wouldn't turn off.

Ignition barrel is about to stop working. Only 22k on the clock.

I had an older Micra which I ran for 17 years & only problems were mechanical ones (apart from cambelt breaking which destroyed the engine!!).

1st Jun 2007, 17:12

Has anyone had problems with their windows scratching, screeching, sticking and rattling. Unable to get satisfaction from Nissan Customer Services - taking matter to court.

16th Jul 2007, 08:32

I completely agree about the unreliability of the 2003 Nissan Micra and the inefficiency of Nissan to deal with the problem.

I purchased my Micra in 2005, since then I have had nothing, but problems with it, all of which are electrical and I am told are standard faults with the model. I've had the tailgate switch replaced as the boot was opening when the car was in motion, the car actually went on complete lock down and I was unable to even get in it. I now have an engine malfunction which registers as a cam sensor fault and subsequently I require a new ECU unit on a vehicle that is only 4 years old!

I would not recommend this car to anyone, it has caused me so much hassle and expense its just not worth it. I just wish I could afford to get rid of it!

4th Jun 2010, 12:47

I have a 2003 Micra E at the moment. The problem being all the lights are correctly on, but when you turn the ignition to start, nothing. This only seems to occur on very warm days. Has had a new ignition barrel fitted. The garage changed the starter motor; no joy. Just as well that I am not living in Spain!!!

2003 Nissan Micra 1.2 SE 1.2 petrol from UK and Ireland


Nissan needs to get their build quality sorted


Broken seat mechanism (3 times)

Interior trim coming loose.

Various rattles and creaks.

Jack retaining strap snapped.

Suspension clonks and squeaks (unresolved still)

General Comments:

A good car to drive, let down by atrocious fit and finish; and poor dealer service. Economy with air-con on is terrible, about average otherwise. Seats are unsupportive. They get quite uncomfortable after an hour or so! Engine really needs to be revved hard to get anywhere fast.

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Review Date: 30th July, 2003

8th Sep 2003, 06:39

Just hired one of these from Europcar - agree with the comments about build quality. Good car though!

30th Dec 2003, 08:49

I bought a Micra 1.2 SE automatic in June 2003 and have had no problems at all with build quality, and it is exceptionally well equipped for the price. My only complaint is with the poor acceleration, but I suppose that is to be expected in a small automatic. I frequently travel for 3 or 4 hours at a time in it and find it comfortable enough. I don't know where else you could buy a new car with five doors, air conditioning, automatic transmission and all the Micra gizmos for under £10,000. I would recommend it to anyone.

2003 Nissan Micra from Sweden


Clutch is difficult to control on the brand new Micra. This is different from the earlier models. In worst case you can smell smoke.

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Review Date: 18th July, 2003