2003 Nissan Micra XS 1.4 from UK and Ireland


Nice, but constantly breaking


Leaks in car x2 on separate occasions costing around 1k.

Paying loads to fix the key when the battery can just be changed.

Catalytic converter had to be replaced at 35k.

Still undiagnosed noise from the front right tyre.

Boot lock is dodgy.

Internal plastic bits all fall off.

Light burns itself out.

Lights become scratched, from presumably salt off the road.

Bearings needed to be changed at 40k.

General Comments:

Very roomy, nice handling, quick acceleration for a small car.

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Review Date: 31st December, 2008

5th Sep 2009, 21:46

It keeps breaking because Nissan source Renault engines now.

2003 Nissan Micra 1.0 from UK and Ireland


Nice little about town car


Timing chain going at 20,000 miles? Is there a fault on Micra low mileage cars?

General Comments:

Nice car, but concerned about having to pay £1000 for repair if there is a fault on the Micra.

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Review Date: 12th November, 2008

2003 Nissan Micra E 1.0 from UK and Ireland


A pile of scrap


Timing chain replaced at 37000 miles; cost over £1000 to replace.

Airbag sensor constantly coming on £40 a time to remove.

Plastic trim falling apart.

Gear box sensor needing replacing.

Battery constantly going flat due to faulty immobiliser.

Gear box whining, and needs replacing after 47000 miles.

General Comments:

I purchased this car because of its low mileage and full service history.

The car was purchased to ferry my daughter and her child around, because it had a small engine and large cabin, and was reputed to be economical and reliable.

However, after owning the car for a couple of weeks, things started to make me deeply regret my purchase.

The first sign of trouble was the car kept cutting out. Then after a couple of weeks, the engine management light came on. A visit to the local garage and a full service and a new sensor seemed to cure the problem. However, a week later the light came back on; this time the dealer told me the timing chain had stretched and it needed a new one at a cost of over 1000 pounds.

After having the above work done, all was well for a couple of months until the air bag light kept coming on, following more trips to the garage, and hundreds of pounds later the electrical problems were cured. Or so I thought.

The next thing to go wrong was the rear lights not working properly. Again after more expense at the garage, it was found to be a faulty sensor in the gear box.

The following months were thankfully trouble free. Until I heard strange noises coming from the gear box.

I have now been informed that the gear box is worn and whining, and will need replacing.

The car now frequently refuses to start because of a flat battery, due to a faulty immobiliser.

Nissan are aware of all of all the above faults. They are all common faults to the new Micra.

However, the dealer still insisted that I be charged to have the car put on a diagnostic machine each time I visited the garage.

All the dealer is interested in is maximum profit.

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Review Date: 31st January, 2008

10th Mar 2008, 14:51

I also had the timing belt fault; Nissan dealer wanted £1000 to repair it. I wrote to Nissan asking if they could help as it seemed a common fault, but they declined to help. I have written to the Watchdog TV programme asking them to highlight the fault. I urge all Micra owners who have had this problem to do the same. If enough of us complain they may do something about it.

2003 Nissan Micra Techna 1.2 1.2 lt from Greece


The worst car you can buy... Avoid it


Everything went wrong with this car!

11000 Km Sensors

23000 Km Valve Problems

51000 Km Sensors

59000 Km Sensors

61000 Km Engine Problem.

General Comments:

This car sucks! It is simple the worst car anyone can buy. I was so dissapointed by this car that I will never buy Nissan again. I bought it because I liked the look, but it's only design... Many problems forced me to sell it after 3 years... Wish never had bought it...

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Review Date: 6th April, 2006

9th Apr 2006, 05:13

You have all these problems because Nissan have got into bed with Renault using a lot of their engines. All the diesels are Renault as is your engine. The 1.8 in the Tino is still a 100% Nissan engine. Well done Nissan for ruining their reputation by getting involved with crappy Renault.

23rd May 2015, 19:17

The 1.2s are petrol and Nissan engines, while the 1.5 diesels are Renault engines.

I don't see anywhere in the above review a mention of a diesel 1.5 engine... only a reference to 1.2 size. I wish people would read rather than let their own experiences cloud their comments.

I have a Nissan 1.2 and a Renault Laguna V6, and both are fine examples of modern engineering. A lot of my friends have more trouble with their Japanese assembled cars than I have ever had with my Renault. O2 sensors, ABS lights, etc, etc have lit up in Japanese cars just as frequent as any Euro car.

I think though the dealers have a lot to answer for. I think servicing gets left to the apprentices, as perhaps the experienced mechanics are doing more involved repairs to more problematic cars which require their skills. Things are not picked up then as they should in routine servicing.