8th Apr 2008, 08:14

Hi I also have a 2004 Micra bought from new. During the first few months it was returned to the garage with problems with the radio/cd player, plastic trim was falling off, passenger seat lever broke. Worst to come or so I thought was I tried to start the car and nothing, completely dead! Phoned Nissan dealer who wanted to charge me for being towed! the car was still under warranty only being less than 12 months old. They had the car for approx 3 weeks and could not find the problem. Eventually Nissan sent someone to the garage to take a look and a electrical fault diagnosed resulting in complete new ignition, keys etc All was fine for a couple of months and then the car wouldn't lock/open again no response from remote locking system, back to the garage another electrical fault diagnosed. All was fine until recently drivers door has a tendency to fly open even when moving and the engine malfunction light came on, car wouldn't start and if it did would cut out without warning, have been told it is the camshaft. It is currently sitting in my drive waiting to be repaired at?? price. Like everyone else you buy a new car so you do not have these problems, considering it has only done 24000 miles I dread to think how much it will cost to keep it going another 24000 miles! Would not recommend buying a Nissan to anyone.

10th Jun 2008, 09:48

I have had very similar problems as the first writer; my timing belt has gone, and I am being charged over a thousand pound. After having 3 sensors put in, each at a cost of over 75pound. I have had the car for just over 2 months, and I thought it would have no problems. But since I've had it, I get problem after problem. All Nissan are interested in is making money.

2nd Jul 2008, 16:34

I live in Australia and bought a new Nissan Micra from a Sydney dealer around April - my first car in 15 years.

Despite the frustration of waiting more than a month for delivery (that was initially stated to be around "a week"), I've found the car to be running OK until this week - when problems surfaced with the CD player. It simply cuts out while playing music and you can't eject the disc. No such problems with the radio or engine yet, but am wondering what may be causing this. The message that comes up onscreen is 'error 1'. Both the car dealer and Nissan Australia HQ were rude, unprofessional and arrogant to deal with, so am not looking forward to returning for assistance any time soon.

16th Jul 2008, 12:45

Yep! Nissan "Technicians" (Loose Term) are absolutely rubbish at all dealers. They have no real experience of your vehicle except for the so called training courses they go on, three days of intense training then they are experts on your vehicle. Yeah! Right! If the fault is not obvious like a wheel hanging off, then they are stuffed. So then they start bolting on and bolting off the nearest component matching your ECU fault code, which could cover quite a few expensive components.

With this procedure then maybe they'll get it right, or maybe not. If your out of warranty this procedure would be very expensive and far from professional.

Basically they're no more experienced than Joe public with an Haynes manual and the correct equipment. In fact Joe Public as an edge he wants his car to be working, Nissan Dealerships don't care either way.

They're no better than hyped-up Tyre shop fitters in fact, I'd say they're less competent. At least a Tyre shop would bolt all the wheel nuts back on properly.

I voice my views from experience of several Nissan dealerships and obviously they still haven't got it right.

Sadly this can be the case with a variety of other car dealerships. (How Bleak a world we live in).

2nd Sep 2008, 13:19

Having bought a Nissan Micra, on a 04 reg, I have been back and forward to my local garage due to the management light coming on and off. Luckily for me my garage don't charge me for re-setting it. They advised me that I needed a new exhaust sensor which I had fitted. I thought that would be the end of the matter - 8 months later the light is back on and my trusty mechanic has said the other sensor may need replacing, but he cannot be sure that it will resolve the problem.

I have also had the passenger seat problem that was also fixed at my garage, so far we are a couple of hundred pounds into the repair cost. I wait to see what else will drop off or fail... would not have another Nissan Micra!!!

8th Oct 2008, 05:28

I too have bought an 04 plate Micra and have just been told it needs a new timing chain at the cost of £1000. This car has already been recalled twice by Nissan the first time for a faulty boot lock -which opened by itself whilst driving, and for a faulty ignition switch...which I may point out my car had both faults. As this car is sold under the prefix of being a "small, reliable, inexpensive to run" car maybe Nissan should charged under the trades description act.

8th Oct 2008, 15:46

My Nissan Micra is a 2003 model. It has already had the airbag light sorted and I have recently been told it needs a new timing chain at around £700 pounds. My car has done only 25,000 miles. I have not written to Nissan yet but after having read so much about others with similar problems, I will do. I am equally prepared to write to Watchdog and Which. Surely Nissan must accept this is a fault that they should put right. I loved my Nissan when I first bought it but would now discourage anyone from following suit.

11th Oct 2008, 14:35

Took my wife`s 53 plate 996cc Micra for an MOT, passed OK but since the MOT the car has started cutting out when idling or approaching junctions, does not matter whether the engine is hot or cold. Have surveyed the Internet, and to my horror this seems to be a very common fault with this car!!!.

Nissan want £60 for a diagnostics check NOT!!!

Seems that it may be the throttle body or a fuse, or some dodgy wiring to some other component.

11th Oct 2008, 21:43

Does anyone know how much it costs to fix the car seat tilt/lift mechanism as it has failed on the passenger side? I read somewhere that this is a common problem with 3-door models. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sorry to all you guys having serious problems with your Micras... it's making me wonder whether it was such a good idea to buy mine now.

13th Oct 2008, 00:29

I purchased a Nissan Micra S (03) a few years ago, At one point the dealership had the car in for repair more hours than I was physically able to drive it.

The driver seat mechanism for moving the seat forward failed, this was replaced under warranty, but failed again after repair, the dealer wanted £60 to repair this 'common fault' again.

The car required a new 'chain' after sensors were replaced (at my expense) to 'eliminate' the problem. This cost £900, of which Nissan agreed to meet half the cost. However when I contacted Nissan and asked why this should happen on such a new car, they admitted it was a known common problem. They told me the cost of the repair and the dealership then added on a few hundred pound extra. When challenged on this the dealership told me I had no right contacting Nissan!!!

The car also needed a new clutch, during the repair the battery was disconnected. I have inadvertently put the code for my old car radio in three times (I do have the correct code for the radio) and now it says 'WAIT 1 HR'. I have waited 1 hour, in fact I waited 17 hours, and it STILL will not let me put in the correct code. Inquiries reveal that the radio will have to be removed and re-coded at a cost to get it working again. I have spoken to Nissan and they admit that this is a common problem.

More recently the car started to 'judder' after it had been running for a while, eventually dying. When it was taken for repair, I was told it was a fuel sensor, had this repaired, but the 'engineer' didn't test the car after the repair!!! First run in the car after the repair, exact same fault. Taken back to garage, now it is the cam-shaft sensor, this has been replaced, and car seems to be running OK. (Now I wish I hadn't written that!!!)

I would NEVER buy another NISSAN car again, AND, I would NOT recommend anyone else buys one. The 'well known' dealership from which I bought the car has since closed. The engineers and salesmen working there I can only refer to as cowboys with no comprehension of customer relations.

Buyer Beware!!!