1st Mar 2012, 09:31

I've just bought a 1.2 03 plate Nissan Micra SE. Only had it three weeks, and the timing chain has gone. It's in the garage now and is costing me £600!!! I want to know, will this problem be solved once it has all been replaced, or will it just continue? It has scared me so much, I am seriously considering selling it as soon as it is fixed, and buying a new one. Absolutely terrifying thinking how much money some of you have ploughed into these cars.

Can anyone recommend a good, reliable, small car??



15th Mar 2012, 19:23

Just got a dreaded 03 Micra, and after a week the malfunction indicator has come on. I have looked the car over, and found that the fuel filler pipe had a rust stain running down inside it, indicating to me that water was getting into the petrol tank, and may be causing problems. This is caused by dirt blocking the small drain in the plastic outer fuel filler neck, which is higher than the inner, so allows rain water in!! The hole is positioned right above the rear wheel; very poor place to put it. I am going to have the indicator reset, and will let you know if this cures the problem. May have to do it a few times, as I think quite a bit of water has got in.

21st Jun 2012, 11:26

Do not buy a Nissan Micra. I have been told twice in the last month that my car is the only one that has these faults, and then you look on here.

I needed my fuel filler pipe replacing - took 2 months for the part to come in - was without a car for 2 months, and Nissan customer services were not interested!

Had the car back one day, and the PS light come on. Again, very very rare according to Nissan - not so rare according to the Internet!

Very cheap to buy - expensive to run!

15th Jan 2013, 18:45

Got a Nissan Micra 2003 model in July. Seemed to be going OK till MOT and service time last week. I now have an engine malfunction light on constant. It did go off for the weekend, only to find this morning it's on again and the car not behaving whilst moving. Took it back to the garage, to be told it's the cam shaft, and possible problems with the key, which will mean a trip to the Nissan garage! I now have concerns it's this chain issue. I'm hoping not, fingers crossed. I've already spent a fortune on getting it through an MOT and service. It's very disappointing; my very first car was a Nissan Micra, and it was so reliable.

23rd Jan 2013, 10:34

We are a driving school and have run these Micra K12s for 7 years.

All in all, a good car that's fit for purpose... UNLESS it is the keyless entry model. Three years ago we had a flat battery after attempting a jump start; we ended up taking it to our Nissan dealer to assess. They diagnosed a power steering fault and quoted £1800. They qualified this by saying that this may still not cure it. We ended up scrapping the car.

12 months ago, exactly the same problem with another.

And now today, we changed a battery last weekend, and the car, a diesel model, is currently in the dealers, and no idea what is wrong. As with the others, all were driving perfectly until some voltage drop etc. Will keep you posted.

7th Feb 2013, 18:07

Nissan Micra 1.4 SE 2003 model.

Bought the car yesterday from a garage, and it was fine.

This morning the car started, and as it moved away approximately 200 yards, the engine check light came ON and car started a rough idle and stalling when at traffic lights or giving way; it was a nightmare.

Called the garage from whom the car was bought, explained and complained; they were not very helpful.

Then called a local mechanical garage guy and told him the problem. First thing he said to me is that you bought yourself trouble and a money drainer; get rid of it ASAP.

I asked him why? He replied, the Micra K12 models are the most problems one's money can buy. All sorts of problems, one after another, such as power steering problems, throttle bodies, mostly sensors, ECU, starting etc.

I am very worried now. May auction the car.

No more Micras for me. I will move to a Toyota Yaris or Corolla.

8th Feb 2013, 10:59

Can't you return it? Surely it's not fit for purpose under the sale of goods act, especially if it was a pre-existing problem? I'm not an expert on law, but google it.

26th Feb 2013, 13:33

I bought my Micra in 2003. Firstly the car had to be recalled for a new ignition, then at 35,000 miles it needed a new timing chain, costing €1000, then the boot lock started locking and unlocking itself; a new lock cost €300.

I've had to replace the complete mechanism on the wipers on the front 4 times.

I love this car, but wouldn't recommend it. I've just had the car battery replaced, and I'm now getting the wait 1h error message.

2nd Apr 2013, 10:24

I have had my 2003 Nissan Micra since new. One year ago it had to have a new timing chain, and it had only done 30000 miles. One year later and 3000 miles, it's gone again; my mechanic says scrap it. What a joke, Nissan know there's a problem with this car.

3rd Apr 2013, 14:05

Did you ever get this problem sorted? I have the same timing chain issue and I'm struggling to decide what option to take!


9th Apr 2013, 06:06

Hi, I have a Nissan Micra 2003 1.0e K12 model.

The problem it has is it turns over, but does not start. It has been troublesome to start on cold mornings in the last few months. Once started, it use to run fine for the day, and the same issue next morning (would be difficult to start in the morning). And now it does not start at all. Fault code P0340 (cam shaft position sensor).

It has broken down 4 times now in 2 weeks. First time I was told it was a battery issue, so replaced it; nothing changed. Second time replaced the cam shaft sensor and no improvement. Third time, same fault code again, P0340, so cam shaft sensor changed again; no improvement.

Can anybody please tell me what the problem could be please? It's my first car, and all it has given me is grief from day one. I would appreciate your help. Many thanks.

18th May 2013, 11:20

Some VERY simple facts for everyone out there who ISN'T a mechanic/car buff. Since Nissan moved from Japan to have their cars manufactured in France, they are, without fear of contradiction, a VERY expensive crock of the well defined article. Along with the other french cars, Renault and Citroen. Utterly and totally unreliable, they should be avoided like the plague.

2 things to be aware of. There's a list of the 10 best and WORST cars in Europe, which sees Nissan malingering in the toilet along with other reliables including Renault, Citroen, Fiat, BMW and Audi (YES, SHOCK HORROR, the only GERMAN car in the top 10 in terms of reliability is Mercedes, and that's because they were in the toilet for ages, until they started to take customer service /reliability issues seriously).

Second thing to use as a "lay mans" ready reckoner, is to look at the car brands on the back of tow trucks/breakdown recovery vehicles. The list will comprise mostly of the models listed above, so prevention is better than cure. Avoid them!

Final comment, you may not be aware, but a "level playing field" in terms of European Union is utter GARBAGE. Ireland have a Vehicle Registration Tax, which makes cars 40% dearer than ANYWHERE else in Europe, so unless you've pots of money, DO NOT LIVE OR MOVE TO IRELAND with your car.

All the very best.