17th May 2011, 08:07

Just under a month ago I got a 03 E Micra, and the engine management light came on about two weeks ago. I was told it was one of the sensors, and I got the car serviced and the sensor cleaned, and it went off, but came back on today. It stalled as I was taking my little one to school, and would not start again for a while. I also have a friend who has a 04 S Micra, and she told me that she got a letter from Nissan stating “There is a possibility that an electrical contact within the engine control unit relay may become contaminated with silicon oxide. In extreme cases, this could cause the engine to stall and make it difficult to restart the vehicle”. I am going to get this checked out first, and see if it helps.

13th Jun 2011, 14:49

If you own or think about owning a Nissan Micra, then plan in a timing chain replacement (circa £1000). If it hasn't stretched, it will. It is hardly ever the camshaft sensor or crankshaft sensor. Nissan are aware of this problem, but choose ignorance.

18th Jun 2011, 11:14

Did you have any luck with the engine management contamination or was that just a red herring? I have the same starting problems, incidentally is it easy to fit a new cam sensor.

Thank you.

21st Jun 2011, 08:15

Don't buy! Don't become fools like the rest of us Micra owners. Just look at some of the parts (timing chain £1000), Nissan fuel pump (£600)... The list is endless. Walk away and do us a favor. Tell Nissan why you're not buying their car.

4th Aug 2011, 17:29

Hi. I wonder if anyone could help? I have a 2004 k12 1.0 Nissan Micra. I've recently had the timing chain replaced as it was stretched. It now has a judder/misfire; any idea what's the problem???

29th Sep 2011, 19:02

I have a Nissan Micra 1240 (03) petrol. Having nothing but trouble with the engine management light on, diagnostic test, you guessed it camshaft sensor, been replaced, same fault, cuts out, no power, very hard to start in the mornings.

NEVER EVER AGAIN WOULD I GET THIS CAR or a Nissan, as they aren't bothered one bit. We all can see they have trouble with it... what can we do?

22nd Oct 2011, 22:04

Well the truth is these cars are no good. It's always one problem after another.

23rd Nov 2011, 09:33

I bought Micra 2003 model, 1.0S. It was running fine and I was happy with the low cost fuel. Then the management light came on, along with the problems with sluggish power on the motorway and an intermittent starting up fault. I had this fault diagnosed, and was told that there are problems with the cam-shaft and crank-shaft sensors. But the mechanic who diagnosed this said that it is not the sensors that need replacing; the real underlying problem is with the timing chain that has stretched and needs replacing. It is a "big job"; many hours of labour with a cost over £500.

In addition, the battery goes "dead", and have had this replaced twice.

I will not touch a Nissan with a barge pole now. It seems that Nissan no longer has that reliability image any more.

1st Dec 2011, 18:37

I brought my Nissan Micra 54 plate (from Hell) in March this year, here goes...

P.S. warning light came on, total loss of power steering. Took it back to the garage, charged £35, fault cleared, was happy that it had gone, but this was the start to a very bad journey indeed...

P.S. light returned after a month, loss of P.S., garage managed to clear the fault again, was starting to get slightly fed up, wondering why??? (oh yes, we know Nissan built a car with numerous faults to drain honest people's hard earned savings...)

2 months later, P.S. returned, fault unable to be cleared, whole steering column replacement needed, £500 from garage, would cost £1000 from Nissan... so shocking...! Thought I was buying an eco, cheap, easy to run car... scraped all my savings together, hoping this would be the last of this fault... How wrong was I!!!

4 months later, the car would not unlock, could not get into the car! Had to pay £30 to get someone out to pick the lock. Charged the battery, worked for a day, died again!! Stranded yet again, unable to start car, not happy at all with my Nissan! Growing more frustrated by the day.

Happened 6 times. Took it to the garage, not a battery problem, new ignition needed (yes, another recall fault of Nissan's, as well as the P.S. warning light!)

New ignition cost £400, was quite stressed out by this, garage I took it to called Nissan themselves for an explanation (of course they stated they knew nothing about the recall of Nissan's with faulty ignitions, no help at all, would not even consider taking any blame for making this awfully made car that was full of faults!)

P.S. returned, even though I had the steering column replaced!!! That was the last straw, diagnostic stated motor failure, there was no way I was spending anymore £s, couldn't afford to, none left!

I had car 8 months, I could not cope with the faults any more, sold the car for £1000 less than I bought it for, so that leaves me -£2100 poorer.

£1100 spent in total trying to just get a reliable car, never did. I would never ever buy a Nissan ever again.

Gutted, and left feeling ripped off, and angry, wondering how they can get away with it!

I had to learn the hard way (warning light should be flashing on Nissan saying "do not buy, I am a money drainer")

5th Jan 2012, 13:08

Don't touch one with a bargepole! I've owned one for 5 weeks, and it has been in repair garages for 4 of those weeks, owing to 4 episodes of the EM light coming on. No mechanic seems able to work out what's wrong with it - first coil pack, then air temperature sensor, then they have no idea! But why oh why does the light keep coming on?

First of all, the car (an automatic) kept stalling at every traffic light, now occasionally the engine cuts out, EM light comes on, but drives fine afterwards, though the light stays on.

Pretty car... to look at, just no good if you actually buy a car to drive it, unless you don't mind a warning light being on...

25th Jan 2012, 16:17

My daughter has an 03 Micra. The engine management light has come on, and yes, it's the dreaded stretched cam chain (other manufacturers seem to make chains that last the life of the car). Parts alone comes to near £300 quid, and the engine has to come out to fit them, so you're looking at ten hours mechanic time. Not a cheap job.

Micra's all seem to be in pretty good condition and low mileage. Could it be that they spend most of their time in garages waiting to be fixed?

9th Feb 2012, 18:33

Junk - pure junk.

It's not a Japanese car - it's a French Renault car with a Japanese sticker on the front.

Like buying a Robin Reliant with a Rolls Royce statue on the bonnet.

Cheap, badly made, unreliable junk.

If I didn't own this garbage, I wouldn't believe how bad it is.

My K12 (from hell) breaks down regularly. It only has 40k on it, it's supposed to be a high class Japanese car. Ha!

Apparently it has superb reliability ratings.. who makes this stuff up.

Next time - Toyota.