29th Jun 2002, 07:55

My 1987 Nissan Micra Collette 1.0 petrol is the most reliable and frugal car I have ever owned. The hatchback is large enough especially when the back seats are folded flat. I have managed to get a single bed in the back, OK it hung out the back, but the back door is easy to tie down. The car starts first time every time and qualifies for cheap tax in the U.K. The 1.0 engine is great for city driving, but not for motorways as it is very noisy and 70 mph is the max really. My other car is a Vauxhall Omega!

7th May 2003, 09:11

This is the original writer of the above review.

Sadly, my car was stolen in March, 2003. I really miss her because I never had any trouble - reliable as any car can be. And yes, the loading space is marvelous. When we moved to our new house a few streets from our previous one, I did not hire a van to move our stuff. My Micra agreed to do everything for me. Even after this, I did loads, and I mean loads of shopping for the house including a lot of DIY (Do It Yourself) stuff, and never had to hire a van or a larger vehicle. Now I own a bigger car (growing family) - a saloon and I really miss my Micra especially when it comes to slightly larger items to be carried.

All you need to keep her going is regular change of oil and filter (£10) : I would say once every 5000 miles or 8 months. Once every 15-18 months, just check the contact point, rotor arm and distributor cap. All these 3 things will cost less than £20 and you can replace them yourself. (Only setting the point gap is a bit tricky, but not rocket science.) And keep an eye on the cam-belt. Make sure to change it religiously every 3 years (£50-60) and you will remain a happy bunny forever!