2006 Nissan Murano Petrol / LPG from UK and Ireland


Unreliable, costly to run, dealer is out of their depth with this sort of car


Head gasket blew after a blocked "cat", which the dealer did not spot. Dealer wanted to replace the engine costing £10000.

Took the car to another garage for a second opinion, who noticed the blocked "cat", but also found massive wear in one half of the engine block So a new block has been ordered and I can only hope that Nissan will pay towards the cost, due to the low mileage on the car. Second garage has found out that this wear problem is quite common, but Nissan don`t accept there is a problem.

General Comments:

I love to drive this car, and like the look, but never have I had such an unreliable car.

MPG is hopeless; nowhere near the makers' MPG figures; that's why I added LPG.

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Review Date: 7th March, 2010

2006 Nissan Murano LS from North America


Excellent car, but will be obsolete soon


Torn sunroof gasket - need to get fixed by the dealer.

Squealing/squeaking brakes - dealer says they can't fix this.

The dealer replaced a bad brake spring.

The cup holders in the back seat are very flimsy and cheap, and will break easily. The dealer said he couldn't fix this because this is not stocked and has to be ordered. The dealer never called back so I assume the part was never ordered.

General Comments:

The Nissan Murano is very good car with a few faults. It will suck gas (16-17 MPG) in city driving if you have a lead foot, but gets 24+ MPG on the highway.

We have had some trouble getting the dealer to fix even minor issues. The squeaking brakes drive my wife crazy, but the dealer refuses to fix this problem.

I tried to talk my wife out of buying the sunroof (moonroof?) but she insisted. As I expected the sunroof gasket has already torn. The sunroof hasn't started to leak yet and I'm trying to get my wife to take in the vehicle before the warranty expires.

These crossovers will eventually be replaced by plug-in hybrids that will get much better mileage. I wouldn't buy a new car now unless it gets 30+ MPG.

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Review Date: 21st July, 2008

5th Nov 2009, 21:02

The dealership told me they couldn't even hear the squealing brakes in my 2006 Murano! Now that the BIG 3 year warranty is gone (I have 18K miles), they say they hear them squealing!

Imagine that!

9th Nov 2012, 13:58

So far, the sunroof gasket and the high pressure power steering hose are the two most common components that show up as defective on the Murano. Our sunroof gasket was replaced under warranty. The power steering hose can set you back $600 if the dealer does the work. Since belts and hoses are not covered under warranty, customers are getting hosed big time for this defective part. I bought an aftermarket hose online ($50 free shipping) and installed it myself (took about 4.5 hours). It was a learning experience, that's for sure.

2006 Nissan Murano SL AWD Touring 3.5 from North America


Not reliable


Initialy I liked my Murano - it rides smooth and we were very proud of it. Recently we made a trip to North Carolina. On our way back from our Easter break the vehicle suddenly stopped on the middle of the highway without any warning. We were shocked to see it stop, we were very luckly and by Gods grace we are alive to tell every one this story. We would have been hit by a speeding truck behind us. Since we were driving at around 55 MPH we were able to pull just in time to the shoulder, we had to push it to the shoulder in order to avoid other cars from behind hitting us. To cut the story short we had to wait for nearly 3 hours since nissan refused to give us a tow to the near by dealer. (Still under company warranty; only 17,374 and Nissan manual says it will cover towing under 36000 miles). We paid from our pocket to tow it to the nearest dealer. After the dealer examined the vehicle he said it was a faulty electric fuel pump which did not supply any fuel to the engine (very scary). We had to wait for 3 more days for the dealer to get the part from NY. If you have a Nissan Murano please check and replace the fuel system other wise it can be dangerous. They told me there is no guarantee even if a new electric pump is replaced. It can stop at any time. If any one has a similar concern please email me so I can give you more details. If you own a new Murano get a good lawyer who deals with lemon laws.


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Review Date: 24th April, 2007

17th Jul 2007, 12:55

07 Nissan Murano.

It was a good all around vehicle until the problems started. First the paint has cracking and checking all over. We won at arbitration on the paint job. Nissan is to repurchase my vehicle within the next few weeks. I did hire an attorney. It was worth it.

The passenger seat heater operates some times and some times it does not. After 3 tries, they couldn't or did not try hard enough to repair it.

Rattle around the dash board area. They tried 4 times, and could not repair it.

Pinging noise from engine, even though I have always used premium gas.

In my situation, and in my personal opinion, and from my personal experience, Nissan is absolutely not willing to deal with the problems. I will never ever go near a Nissan vehicle again, even if my life depended upon it.

I have wasted hours at their shops, and the problems still exists. All brands of vehicles have problems, but in my experience, namely Toyota and Honda, they took care of the problems and I was happy with them. I should have stayed with Toyotas and Hondas. I have one of each at the present. My Honda is 10 years old, and keeps on going. Toyota is 4 years old, and just keeps on going. I have spent less than 20 hours on both of these vehicles for repairs other than regular maintenance during all these years.

Nissan, you can keep your fancy cars; they are not worth it.