28th Jan 2006, 21:19

The owner has stated:

" Normal driving with fuel of an octane 91 is only getting 19 miles to the gallon at best in the city. Highway miles, 23 miles to the gallon, but I can’t really say that is accurate. I will need to verify my results a couple of times before I can vouch on it."

The Murano should only be using Premium unleaded fuel with an octane rating of 95RON or better. This will ensure, cleaner running, lower fuel consumption and more power. Technically, 91RON fuel should only be used in cars with compression ratios of 9:1 or less. The 95RON and higher octane fuels contain special additives that clean the fuel system as it is being used. Although the higher octane fuels are more costly they do ensure that your Murano will run to it's maximum performance capability and that includes more pleasing fuel consumption figures. You may also notice a more responsive car at takeoff from the lights! :)

29th Mar 2006, 16:15

Where are you getting 95RON fuel? Max in my state is 93, and there are numerous western states where the max is 91. I suspect running a Murano on 91 will detract from performance but not enough to warrant fuel octane boosters.

29th Mar 2006, 18:16

You don't have to run 91 octane. I drive a Maxima with an even higher output version of the VQ engine. It has VVT and adjusts perfectly to regular.

21st Apr 2006, 12:11

According to the manual for the 2006 Murano's - 87 octane is all that is required.

25th Nov 2006, 12:27

How strange that US reviewers have to put up with such low octane petrol in the world's greatest nation on wheels! In the EU, 95 is the lowest octane you can get with 98 and 99 being the high performance stuff. Certainly we have to pay more for petrol, but isn't it about time oil giants stopped foisting low octane muck on the American motorist? Time to come out of the dark ages...& interesting to see if this comment GETS posted this time, last time it did not!

21st Jan 2007, 09:00

The last comment shows complete ignorance about US octane ratings. The EU uses a simple RON to rate octane, the US uses a RON + MON average (R+M) / 2. So what 91RON means to you ends up being 87 octane to us. Next time do your homework, read http://www.anycalculator.com/octane.htm.