1997 Nissan Pathfinder Ti 3.3 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Comfortable, reliable car


Very minor problems; most were my fault.

Power antenna broke when driving on a country road by clipping a tree branch - approx. $120AUD.

Buttons on CD player broke off, not my fault.

Nothing else, good reliable car.

General Comments:

Comfortable car, the Ti model is very well equipped. The reliability is excellent - no major problems.

The car does have a low gear transfer case for off-road driving, which when switched on turns on the rear wheels (normally the car is FWD, it is not a full-time 4WD like Toyota). This locks the front and back 50:50, same as having a centre differential block. So this car does have the potential to do some serious 4WDing, but the clearance is low.

Fuel consumption: 15-17L/100km in the city and 10-11L/100km on the freeway.

The tyres for this car are expensive, as with all 4WDs.

The car is not very powerful and needs to rev to go up steep hills. Smaller sedans will almost always overtake it at the lights. But it's a 4WD, not a racing car.

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Review Date: 25th November, 2007

12th Feb 2010, 18:28

I have been using this car for over 3 years. No major problems. But the car is little bit underpowered.

1997 Nissan Pathfinder from North America


I will never own another NISSAN as long as I live


...washing...waxing...rust resisting paint all that, but still it's rotting away!!

General Comments:

I have a problem with the rear frame of my pathfinder, it is almost completely rotted. My bumper fell off this past year, and is continuing to rot away. I am scared that my frame is going to crack and fall onto my rear wheel causing my truck to flip! There should be some way to make the company be held responsible, and have them fix the problem with these pathfinders! I love my pathfinder!!! but its rusting away and I have taken great care of it.

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Review Date: 19th August, 2007

1997 Nissan Pathfinder xe 3.3 from North America


Very reliable, pleasant to drive, but thirsty


Alternator, 50,000 miles.

Exhaust Manifold, same one (passenger side) cracked twice.

Front brakes, 80,000 miles.

Exhaust system succumbed to rust, 98,000 miles.

Dealers are all different, I know, but one in central TX was a real snake, charging my girlfriend about $1000 and change to replace an alternator he claimed wasn't under warranty. They did replace the exhaust manifold under warranty at that time. She never tried to fight it, but just so you know, as I told her when I got back to town, the alternator takes a half hour to install and costs $150 at any auto parts store.

Throttle body (like all cars) is prone to forming a ridge of carbon around the throttle plate, causing a sticky accelerator pedal. Dealer claimed it was "rusted out" and quoted my girlfriend something like 600 to replace it. Ten minutes, a can of carb cleaner, and a strip of old t-shirt was all it needed and the problem didn't recur.

Rear axle pinion seal is starting to leak, but not bad enough to replace yet.

Besides fluid changes, those are all the problems it's ever had.

General Comments:

Engine is smooth, not quiet, but not unpleasant either. Transmission sometimes kicks down more than necessary, but it shifts crisply and consistently during acceleration. Ride is a little bouncy in town, but smooth on highway; handling surprisingly good for having a relatively high center of gravity, with not a lot of lean in turns and good, precise lane changes. No squeaks or rattles to speak of, even at 100,000 miles. Seats and dash layout are excellent.

Generally seems to be a very well designed vehicle with good safety features. Visibility out the back is the one big negative -- the pillars are huge and the side mirrors and rear windows just aren't big enough to help you see around them.

Gas mileage is poor, though. About 15 in town, 20 in nothing but interstate driving. This is a 2wd! It's an excellent vehicle, but I regret not seeking out something with better mileage.

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Review Date: 13th August, 2007

28th May 2009, 04:28

Wow! Almost exact problems with my '97 4x4 Pathfinder, but at different miles.

- Problem finding squeak @ 200,000. Changed power steering pump, alternator, and belt pulley. Ended up being crankshaft balancer.

- Exhaust Manifolds leaks until it warms up, not too annoying

- On my fourth muffler.

- Annually needs throttle body cleaned.

- Rear axle pinion leaks, replacing second time around.

But for these cheaper costs rather than a new vehicle it has been an awesome vehicle, that runs great, since all of the updated repairs for a vehicle with over 260,000 miles.