2017 Nissan Pathfinder SV 3.5 from North America


An SUV that begs to be driven. Quiet, comfortable, and quick



General Comments:

This SUV is quiet, comfortable, and quick. Bought used and have owned for one month. It will roll like a hurricane on the interstate with plenty of power to pass or cruise. The happy speed seems to be somewhere around eighty miles per hour; I can feel a speeding ticket coming soon. The Pathfinder wants to be a sports car, but the weight and body roll will keep it from zipping down a curvy back road.

The interior is good and ours has already had the opportunity to carry the full seven passengers. The second row seat adjustment helps out third row leg room and the fold away second row seat is easy to use, making the third row easily accessible. The remote start is useful on the cold mornings.

I will update posts over time, because one of my biggest concerns with a Pathfinder is the long term durability. I would like to have seen some recent post for later model Pathfinders on this site to help me with my decision to purchase this vehicle. I hope that my posts will help you with yours.

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Review Date: 22nd January, 2018