10th May 2018, 14:13

I would have the coolant leak checked right away. You don't want it to be a problem made worse by holding off till the next dealer visit.

30th Jul 2018, 14:02

At 36,500 miles now.

The headlights have been replaced and it leaves me wondering how long this pair will last.

The popping door was fixed, and after the dealership added antifreeze, they said the odor of antifreeze is normal.

The RPM issue is still present, and I have noticed that the car usually hangs at about 1200 RPM when slowing down, which many times makes it feel like the car is trying to accelerate when I’m trying to stop. This nice feature is really noticeable in heavy stop and go traffic. The dealership says make a video of it doing this, and I say just drive it and you will see.

The newest problem is the air conditioning; on hot days the A/C makes a roaring/oscillating vibration noise. This is very annoying and causes the dash to vibrate.

I can only imagine the problems that this Nissan will have in the future. It is 2018 and you would think build quality would be much better.

1st Jan 2019, 00:02

New problems, the driver's seat mysteriously reclined itself out flat without any help from a person. It took turning the car on and off multiple times to get it up from the reclined position.

Now the electric cooling fan on the radiator is squealing.

The backup camera hangs sometimes so you can drive forward and see what is behind your car.

We keep our car clean, but the door handle material already looks awful.

The Pathfinder still keeps accelerating when trying to stop.

Do not buy one of these and do yourself a favor. Ours now has 43,000 miles.

1st Jan 2019, 20:41

You were worried about long term durability, but your Nissan can't even manage that.

10th Apr 2019, 21:09

The new cooling fans on the radiator solved the vibration when the air conditioning was turned on. It seems the one fan had worn bearings which left the fan wobbling. The secondary fan that comes on with the air conditioning had bearings that caused the fan to vibrate heavily, which could be felt as a vibration in the dashboard. I wonder how many vehicles that are sold will need new electric fans on the radiator before they reach fifty thousand miles. Not real satisfied with the aftermarket replacement fan assembly, as it sounds like an airplane.

Our newest adventure was having our Pathfinder quit running last week and leaving us stranded on the side of the road. The Pathfinder stalled and would not run for more than two seconds at a time. A trip to the shop was not covered by the warranty that expired at 36,000 miles and a problem with the mass air flow sensor. It is fixed and running again.

Rest assured, this will not be our Nissan for much longer. I just hate to send this problem SUV off to be someone else's problem, but I am done. My next will not be a Nissan.