30th Nov 2004, 04:09

No offense, but if all issues were dealt with at the same garage, I would have sought second opinions. Nissan dealers charge high shop rates, high part prices, but when my Dad's 1993 Pathfinder's trouble was a mystery to even reputable shops he reluctantly brought it to the dealer. Nissan waived the super high diagnostic charges (providing the work be done there), also stating that if the work didn't cure the problem at hand full payment would be due anyway. BUT, they continued searching for the problem until found at no cost. For some things, high dealer shop rates are present for a reason. But a $45.00 Cdn oil change? I can do the same thing with better oil for $13.00.

17th Aug 2005, 00:24

For the owners of Automatic transmissions may I suggest synthetic lubricants, this may help reduce the wear and prolong the life of your transmission. The after market oil cooler is also an excellent idea.

20th Feb 2008, 22:56

Starting problems with the Nissan Pathfinder may be related to a temperature sensor which regulates the mixture of the gas to the carburetor. IT is apparently befor the carburetor on some models, resulting in poor fuel economy and faulty starting (too rich of mixture).

I owned a 1994 Pathfinder for 5 years. I drove it 50% off road on forestry contracts. I only replaced oil, filters, and timing belt. It was a perfect non-lemon. It did have the ceiling lamp burn out though several times.

Then I bought a 1993 recently with 232k kilometers, not a speck of rust on it. Everything works fine, and rides like it was never off road, and probably was'nt.

You have to keep the salt of em if you want to keep em. there are zillions of pathfinders in Chile you know, and they look just like new, but in the north of Chile there is no rain.

They all have aftermarket stuff on them, such as the aluminum tube racks, bras, CD/MPeg players, etc., and most of em are powered by diesel engines.