6th Sep 2004, 21:19

I have a 95 SE with 125K and have never had a problem with the transmission. Had it flushed and serviced at about 100K? I do agree that the vehicle is underpowered and the turning radius is one of the worst I've ever seen. All considered this vehicle has been very reliable. I trust this vehicle completely.

20th Oct 2004, 06:33

Well I have had 2 Nissan's so far, I have heard of the problems with the transmission, but, I have not had any yet. I think I will have it flushed I don't want anything to happen.

I agree it is under powered. I added an after market computer chip to it, and it has more power and better gas mileage it went up from 18 to about 23 which is better than it was. Turning I have no problems with it, but, does anyone know why the steering wheel get loose and then tight when turning fast or back and forth, like it wants to lock up or something?

10th Dec 2004, 11:52

1995 Pathfinder and Transmission Problems.

This is my second Pathfinder, the first was a 1988 and lasted to 300,000 miles before the transmission started to go.

So I purchased the current 1995 Pathfinder in 2000. The previous owner had replaced the transmission (40,000 miles) before my purchase. In about a year from the purchase, one day without warning the car would not drive in any direction. After rebuilding the Transmission, Capital Trans. of Hartford, CT. found that radiator fluid had leaked into and with the trans. fluid. They corrected this problem by by passing or installing an alternate cooling system. Yesterday on my way home on rte. 87 from Long Island the car just lost all gear, meaning I had the foot to the floor, but no drive. I pulled it over fortunately having enough momentum. The car had only park and neutral, no drive or reverse. I tryed to put it in four wheel, but that also didn't work. My mechanic so far has not found out what the problem was though all was fine with the linkage.

If anyone has any info about this besides what was posted please post it.


28th Mar 2005, 08:15

My 1995 Pathfinder was great until it just stopped going into reverse as well. We cannot find a tranny for under $895.00 and now I have read that the radiator is part of the problem. I think this truck is going to the junk yard, not worth fixing. Its ashame, I had high hopes for it. All other problems listed in previous/other posts apply as well.

1st May 2006, 06:01

I bought my 1995 Nissan Pathfinder XE in February 2006. So far, I have spent $800 on a brake job (the calipers and rotors were bad). I spent $450 fixing a leak on the rear main seal (the transmission had to be dropped to fix this). The mechanic found out the transmission was also leaking, but only after reinstalling the transmission.

Three days ago the transmission started slipping. So far it is still driving, but occasionally the transmission feels like it has totally lost its gear.

I am disgusted with this car; thought Pathfinders were reliable vehicles, but this one is becoming more and more unreliable.

11th May 2006, 21:02

1995 Pathfinder-82,000 miles.

No reverse today, all other gears work fine. A/T fluid exhibits bubbles. Will take to trans. shop for fluid flush and re-fill. Not eager to put $2500 worth of trans. work into a $5000 vehicle. Maybe I'll just park it where I don't have to back-up!

Also exhibits poor gas mileage (15 mpg) and cracked exhaust manifold... I had higher expectations.

Had '87 Toyota 4Runner with 133,000 miles with NO mechanical issues, but rust!

Also have an '86 BMW 325 with 120,000 miles and no issues.

21st May 2006, 16:03

I bought my '95 Pathfinder in August '05 and immediately had to have the brakes redone. My driver's side back door says it is always open. It will not shift into 4H only 2H and 4L. The transmission does not turn over unless I go over 70MPH. The gas mileage is awful compared to other cars I have owned. It is a very reliable "beast of a truck", but it has many problems.

23rd Dec 2006, 20:33

I just purchased an XE Pathfinder '95. Sometimes it seems to smell like gas leaking. I reviewed lines and tank and it seems OK, is there any ideas why this happens? Overall my XE '95 Pathfinder is working in great shape.

16th Feb 2007, 09:40

Phenomenal vehicle with no issues. I researched many vehicles and it came down to the Pathfinder or Toyota 4 Runner. I chose the Pathfinder since I wanted a manual tranny to go with my choice of rugged 4 wheel drive vehicle and that was hard to find in the Toyota. Sounds like anyone with a tranny problem on these has an automatic (which in my mind, defeates the purpose of having a tank of an SUV like this). I had a 1990 that ran up 185,000+ miles. Traded it in a year ago for a 1995 that had 120,000 which is still running like new! Sure - I need to do a brake job every 60,000 miles or so - but I'm supposed to see that as a problem?! This vehicle is impervious to snow, rain, mud, or anything else you throw at it.

19th Apr 2007, 22:46

I own a 95'Pathfinder and selected it after a lot of research based on lower cost, 4x4 capability and reliability. Purchased at 106,000 miles and has 133,000 miles now. I take it to Moab, Utah, even without any modifications, with good tires it can handle trails rated at 3 to 3.5. If you get a chance to take your Pathfinder to Moab, it is the Mecca of 4x4's, many with modifications that will take you on some of the craziest 4x4 trails you will see.

I have not had any problems with the common issues such as the manifold leak / broken manifold bolts, but have had several other repairs. 1. Replaced both upper and lower ball joints - due to torn boots. 2. Replaced both front 4x4 drive axles - due to torn boots, and 3. Replaced one outer tie rod. I run synthetic oil, synthetic manual transmission fluid, and gear oil, use a K&N filter. I do run my Pathfinder somewhat hard, but constantly do maintenance.

Does anyone know if changing the exhaust manifold / pipe to a larger dimension pipe with a high flow muffler will add horsepower? Any other suggestions to add horsepower? Has anyone put in a larger engine? Does Nissan manufacture one? Or has anyone bored out the cylinders and put in larger pistons? This would be a great all around vehicle if it only had more power!

8th Jun 2007, 11:02

June 08. 2007.

1995 pathfinder SE automatic. 250000kms, does not burn or drip any oil, no rust, not that good on fuel, but it is paid for. But, just lost reverse and sunk $ 3200.00 into a new tranny. Not bad for 10years of maintenance free driving, other than the basics, brakes and fluid changes. Hope to get another 2 years out of it.

7th Nov 2007, 16:11

Bought a 95 pathfinder 6 years ago for about $9K, had 42000 miles on it, at 95K miles (about 2 years ago) lost 2nd gear, and spent $3000 on tranny rebuild (AAMCO) 3 days ago, stalled out while trying to back out of my driveway, and now today have no reverse, took it back to AAMCO, and a "Sprague" on the back drum is broke (or so they think) and now they want to rebuild it again, they are asking $2000 this time, and says "we'll try to recycle what we can from the tranny and I'll discount the labor, but looking at 3-5 days work, and ~$2000 for the repair... blue book is less than that for the vehicle, and It's a shame, cause I just dropped $3K for the tranny already, and don't want to do it again to have it fail on me in another year or two... sucks, cause I really liked that truck too... going to drive it into the ground and save up for something smaller and better on gas.