3rd Jul 2014, 16:10


Which relay is it that went to the fog lights, and where is a good place to buy one?

Also, just yesterday, I was driving normally down the road, and then I heard a click and my blower motor stopped working, and my entire cluster minus my fuel gauge and my clock stopped working. Anybody have any good idea what this could be? Not really a mechanic, but I know enough to get by... Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Mike.

30th Aug 2014, 12:56

I have a 95 Nissan Pathfinder. My tail lights and head lights stay on. I have no brake lights and my dash board lights are on, but very low. My ABS light was on; now it's not. I have checked the fuses on the driver's side under the steering wheel; all is good. Any ideas on how to fix it?

16th Nov 2014, 20:01

I have same problem on my son's Pathfinder. I am finding that the bushings on the rear control arms are worn out and need to be replaced. I have replaced shocks, struts and both front CV axles. The problem still there. Will need to find out how to get the bushings replaced. I am told there are 4 arms with two bushings each.

13th Dec 2014, 17:17

I had the same problem; turned out to be a loose connection in the tilt steering; easily fixed.

5th Feb 2015, 10:12

I have a problem like this, but it happened when I lost my alternator belt. Your belt may be slipping, or it is giving you a sign that is ready to break.

14th Apr 2015, 17:43

I just bought a 1995 Pathfinder automatic with 250,000 miles on it. I was desperate for a work vehicle. It seems to have two problems.

The first, I turn my key over and instead of getting it to turn over, it made a small clicking sound. It took four tries to get it to turn over.

The second problem, it's simply not giving out even close to the horse power it's supposed to. When I go up hills, I have to press the pedal to the floor and it still barely makes it. While on my way to work it did it, I had the pedal to the floor and it wasn't going anywhere. It finally kicked in and I made it, but was late. The idling is low to where it will die on me. Can someone please tell me if this is worth fixing? I think I made a mistake by buying it. 2705761723.

30th Jan 2016, 07:37

When our clutch went it sounded like that.

13th Aug 2017, 00:10

Those 3 lights came on when my alternator died on my 93 Pathfinder.