4th Dec 2008, 07:53

I recently purchased a 1995 Pathfinder SE 4wd automatic from a salvage yard with a replaced "used" transmission. 30 days later, whirring sound appears, and NO gear engagement. Drained the fluid, cleaned the filter, filled and operated until today. After reading all these comments.. I AGREE... this thing IS a piece of crap!

6th Jan 2009, 08:11

1995 Pathfinder SE-178K miles. Replaced tranny after car stopped moving. Now, I have the idiot lights, brake, battery and A/T coming on, sometimes flickering, then going off. Any ideas?

Also, the smell of gas is usually caused by the fuel sending unit rusting out. Replace the sending unit and/or the "O" Ring.

1st Mar 2009, 08:57

I bought a 95 Pathfinder SE auto back in July of 2007 with 115,000 on the clock. It had some frame problems before I bought it on both sides in the rear wheel wells. The guy I bought it from owns a small shop and is partners with a guy who owns the dealership part. He has 3-4 cars for sale at a time.

He fixed the frame before I bought it, and I was set to go, and to this day it's still good. Well it had no warranty on it, but I got lucky because I know both of the guys real well. The one who owns the dealership drove it around on dealer tags for like 3 months before I bought it, and then 2 weeks after I bought it reverse went out on me also.

I took it back to him, and even though there was no warranty, he made good on it and he pulled the transmission for free. I took it to the transmission shop and had it fixed for a little over $200 bucks which I paid for. It was definitely better than spending over a grand. Came to find out the reverse drum in the transmission had 2 grooves worn in it, so that's what got fixed and haven't had a problem since.

Now when I bought it, I took out an auto loan and also a consolidation loan to pay off my motorcycle with another bank. I paid $3500 for the Pathy, and had another like $1800 for the bike, total around 5300. Just got the loan down to just a little over $3500, and another section of frame is bad further towards the front on the pass side where the frame slopes up towards the rear of the vehicle.

So it wouldn't pass inspection, and I just had a friend of my dad's patch it, but not structurally. Anyone else have this problem?

The speedometer problem I had with mine as well. I was going on a trip, and on the highway had the cruise set just going along, and all of a sudden it jerked and the speedometer, odometer, and trip quit working as well as the cruise. It turned out to be the vehicle speed sensor, which goes into the side of the transmission on the pass side. I replaced that and was all fixed.

Back to the frame; if anyone knows a good fix for this, could you email me and let me know? I'm currently trying to sell it or trade for another vehicle, but I don't want to. Let me know. Email is coors_cbr@yahoo.com

1st Mar 2009, 16:12

6th Jan 2009, 08:11;

That's your alternator telling you it's about to go out. That's the designed warning system for this, it catches your attention.

6th Mar 2009, 11:40

I have a 95 2wd Pathfinder XE, and at 192k, the reverse just went out. Have been quoted between 1400 and 2200 to fix it. If I can get by with 1400, seems like a nice investment to get a couple more years out of this car... too bad Nissan made such a prominent manufacturing error on these vehicles.

6th Mar 2009, 15:59

Install an aftermarket transmission cooler as well. It's best to buy a reman or new transmission, rebuilds don't hold up long on these.

15th Mar 2009, 21:39

The early Pathfinders (WD21) only have a few major issues.

1) Autotranny failing: Usually due to the fluid cooler in the radiator clogging and/or not replacing the fluid at recommended intervals. Have an aftermarket tranny cooler installed, bypass the radiator unit, replace the fluids as recommended and it should last as long or longer than most other manufacturers.

Manual tranny bearings and syncros: Over fill the tranny with 5.1 liters of 75w-90 GL4 ONLY. Not GL5, GL4!!

3) Exhaust manifold leak: The manifolds can warp and the weak studs can break. Have the studs replaced with the upgraded replacement part (300zx exhaust studs). You can have the manifolds re-machined flat if they need it or just install headers for a gain in power.

4) Timing belt: Change it on interval! Every 60k miles 87-93 and 105k miles 94-95. If it breaks you will damage the motor.

5) Rust: They do, especially the last few years. If you live in the salt belt, have it undercoated.

These are great trucks once you work around a few things; I'm on my second and do all my own work so I know them well.

If you need help or info with your Pathfinder, look up NPORA on the web.


16th Mar 2009, 10:54

I have a 1995 Nissan Pathfinder also, and recently had the differential fluid changed at one of the large chain oil shops. After this fluid change the rear end starting slipping, and the rear tires seem to be trying to drive in opposite directions, one reverse and the other forward. Turns out that they didn't add an anti slip additive to the gear oil. It's in the shop right now, getting the gear oil changed with the proper additive. Hopefully that this will correct the problem and that no major damage has been done to the rear end as a result of not having the anti slip additive.

20th Jun 2009, 18:32


Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada.

All is going according to the plan. Brand new frame (yes, all the way from Japan) and lots of undercoating on it. Looks pretty nice. I will post pictures when it's all done.

Anyone want an expert opinion on these, I am crammed with knowledge, I have a lot of these 1995 Pathfinders. Great trucks, very very reliable, and has the most reliable engine ever designed.

Also, I have spare parts for them. Let me know what you need so I can clear the parts truck before the snow comes. Email me at andrew@powerparalegal.com.

By the way, you can get great mileage if you change the oil to Synthetic and get radial quiet Michelin tires. Don't drive them with a rusty frame or you'll be sorry and wiping asphalt from your cheeks.


22nd Sep 2009, 13:02

RE: to the person on the December 28th... with the four wheel drive problem (can't get it in to four wheel drive).

--- I just bought a 95 Nissan Pathfinder, and was trying to put it in to four wheel drive... I tried strong arming it as well, but found that if you just push down on the gearshift (toward the ground) then push it into gear... LOL.. I thought I was sold a lemon without four wheel drive at first.. LOL. You probably already figured this out. Maybe I will help others... some vehicles besides the Nissan actually have this feature on the manual tranny, to get into reverse as well.