1988 Nissan Pintara EXE 2.0L Unleaded petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Very nice to drive. Will just keep going


Only just bought it so hard to tell so far, but...

Gear Box a little clunky.

Front seat head rests can be a slight blind spot when reversing

Air Conditioning needs a service

Radio and speakers need replacing.

General Comments:

Very impressed by it so far. It is very economical (about 500 or so k's to a tank) and it has a fair bit of zip left in it. The one I bought is in excellent condition now and I hear they keep going strong for many years and kilometers, so I look forward to a long life with it. It is a big car, but it doesn't feel like it when you drive it. The power steering helps this. It is comfortable. Very functional, ideal for a family, but still looks good enough for young people.

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Review Date: 20th May, 2002

19th Jun 2002, 18:05

Hi, you commented on needing to replace the stereo and speakers, well I am in the middle of doing that now, accept I am unsure of how to remove the old head deck. Do I need to remove most of the dash just to get to the stereo?

Thanks two_fiver@hotmail.com.

1988 Nissan Pintara 2.0L petrol from Australia and New Zealand


A good, solid, economical and well-designed car


Radiator developed a leak.

New brake disc pads required, but this is normal wear and tear.

Driver's side mirror electrics have failed.

General Comments:

Very lively engine with a well matched 5 speed gearbox.

The power steering is precise and accurate.

The ride is comfortable and the general handling is OK.

The body and paint are in excellent condition.

It is a pleasant car to drive, both in the city and country, with plenty of power and quite well optioned.

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Review Date: 1st May, 2001

18th Feb 2012, 21:40

I bought a 1988 Nissan Pintara GXE 2.0 - Soon realised an inherent flaw with the twin fire plug system. The aforementioned spark plug system was discontinued in the very next model (1989) & was never used again... Save yourself the $$$ & trouble - DO NOT purchase the 1988 Nissan Pintara unless it's running an upgraded plug & electronics system... Engine mounts have a tendency to crack; other than that, it's a decent car from 1989 onwards.