28th Aug 2005, 21:26

Hi I have just bought a 1989 Nissan Pintara, very good condition, but I have a problem The tail lights don't work and the dash light as well. I have checked the fuses and bulbs, but they are OK. has any one had this problem,could you help with any ideas, I am worried it might be something big. I don't know much about cars and have little money for big repairs, so any advice would be greatly appreciated. other wise it drives well and is very comfortable.Thanks.

23rd Sep 2010, 23:19

I've had my 1988 Nissan Pintara EXE for 6 years now.

It has an inherent problem with the dual fire spark plug system, & is always in need of a tune up ($$$). Nissan stopped the dual fire spark plug system in the very next model, so I'd suggest to anyone who is listening, DO NOT BUY A 1988 NISSAN PINTARA.

Ps - Does anyone know of a way to convert the dual fire spark plug system into a more reliable system?


11th Apr 2013, 20:53

Take out your ash tray and there will be two screws. Just screw them out and the head unit will pop off.

16th Oct 2016, 18:52

No you do not need to remove the dash.

On each side of the original cassette player there are vertical slots that a tool pushes into and allows the unit to be pulled out. The Sony CD, USB, DAB, and DAB+ device I bought came with the tool to do this.

BTW I have a 1990 manufactured Ford Corsair.

My 1990 Daihatsu Applause was similar except it had one screw to be removed to get the whole section out.

16th Oct 2016, 19:11

The facts about the dual ignition on the Pintara/Corsair.

It is an anti pollution system whereby the rear plugs fire milliseconds after the front ones.

Bonus is, if the coil for the front plugs fails the engine will still run.

This info was given to me by my Auto Electrician. The same guy who fixed my speedo problem.

As for the speedo/odometer probs, if the odometer works, the speedo is faulty in the dashboard.

My Auto Electrician fixed the speedo too, cost $242 inc calibration.