1990 Nissan Presea R10 Ct2 1.6 petrol from South Africa


i will keep it for as long as I live


Oil seal.


Shifting cable.


General Comments:

This car is an absolute delight, very reliable, low maintenance, and looks good without even trying. I still can get parts for it fairly easily and reasonably priced.

However getting body parts is a little hectic, especially for me as I imported it to South Africa where it's the only one of its kind. I'm looking for a front windshield anywhere in the world. I'm willing to get it shipped if I can get it.

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Review Date: 12th January, 2016

14th Jan 2016, 05:10

There are many Preseas in New Zealand if you wanted to import one from a dismantler there.

1990 Nissan Presea 1.8 ct II from Australia and New Zealand


Wish they still made them!!!


Replaced the alternator once.

Replaced belt pulleys twice.

Replaced front strut twice.

Plastic A/C vents all bubbled and melted in the harsh NZ sun.

Required oversize springs and shocks, as the road clearance was down to 90mm without passengers!

Carb badly needs rebuilding (yes, it has a carburetor...).

General Comments:

I call it The Mighty Presea. 23 years old and still looks and runs great! Better looking than the newer Presea models, too!

Only real maintenance costs have been age-related (belts, hoses, brakes, tyres).

Not a spot of rust on it.

Always starts instantly and has never stalled. Runs well even with the dodgy carb (not good fuel economy), handles well and takes a beating!

Sits too low to the ground, and the roof is too low for me, but I'm probably just too big for this car.

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Review Date: 15th May, 2013

18th May 2013, 01:50

I was unfair on the running costs, it's actually more like a 7/10 except for fuel economy (which is just 10k/l, gotta fix that carb). I've spent very little on it over 8 years!

1992 Nissan Presea CT II 1.6 from Singapore


Very reliable and low maintenance!


Failure on the water pump.

General Comments:

This car still gives very good mileage

70% Highway/ 30%City - 12.5-14km/l

Highway - 14.5-16km/l

City - 11-13km/l.

When I first got the car the fuel consumption was very bad, below 9km/l, but after I did some maintenance by replacing the clutch plate and had the car tune up. it improved. Then I installed the grounding cables and did changed the standard spark plug cable to 8mm spark plug. And the mileage keep on going up! I also increased my type pressure by 10% to gain an extra km!

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Review Date: 21st June, 2005

1991 Nissan Presea R10 Blackstar 2.0P (sr20) from St. Vincent & the Grenadines


A high powered speed demon


Viscous limited slip transmission gears started to slip and had to be replaced.

Changed the alternator after 75,000km.

Brake rotors were worn and had to be replaced at 100,000km.

Tires wear from the inside, even after alignment.

The air condition vents have melted.

General Comments:

Because of the limited slip differential, it handles in and out of the corners like a dream with little or no over-steer.

The sr20 engine is crazy, it has a really fast take off and burns mean rubber when shifting.

I have to get some 17" rims to change out the 15" that are on there right now, and also a Brembo brake upgrade as well as performance suspension.

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Review Date: 9th August, 2004

1992 Nissan Presea CT II 1.8i from Hong Kong


A nice, sporty little sedan with a time-lasting design


Nothing in particular, other than what one would expect from regular wear & tear. I have so far replaced the following and these were all carried out after 110000km; brake booster and disc's/calipers, a/c compressor, alternator, shock absorbers, steering stabilizer, radiator and front and rear engine mountings.

General Comments:

Lovely car with nice lines and a distinctive, different from the rest look. Engine is reliable and the 1.8 litre provides more than adequate power, even with 4 people in the car. With regards to handling, I have upgraded the shock absorbers to KONI and have also discarded the original 13" alloys in favour of racing 16" rims with 205/45 tires which provide for confident handling. Ride is not as comfortable though! Other positives include a very sporty dashboard layout and a host of advanced features, even for now!

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Review Date: 3rd October, 2003