28th Apr 2005, 14:24

You will be supplied with a programming disc for the display which you insert into the DVD drive. On this you will have the choice of Languages, and even in English language you can choose between miles and km. It's in the manual and pretty easy to work out.

Hope this helps.

25th Jun 2005, 00:58

Are you sure it is only a 1.6 engine.. I think you will find it is a 1.8 it the smallest size engine they put in them.

15th Aug 2005, 03:46

1.6 is availible in Ireland, but not England. It's a tax incentive in some countries.

7th May 2006, 14:58

Does anyone else feel the Primera pulls to the left way to much, especially noticable on long journeys on good straight roads, you feel you're constantly adjusting the steering to the right!!!?? Is it just me?

11th Oct 2007, 02:38

As far as I am aware, the diesel engines are from Renault, but the petrols (identified by QG.. I think) are still supplied by Japanese manufacturers.

However, I am open to correction on this...

11th Oct 2007, 13:32

Nope, the DCi diesel engine is Nissan's own, and in my experience so far a very good one. Confusion arises because Renault has a stake in Nissan and they also have a diesel with the designation 2.2 DCi. The Nissan 2.2 DCi, unlike the Renault, has a chain cam drive and a Japanese engine management system.

17th Mar 2009, 05:12

Thank god I heard also from you here that the car pulls to the left, cause I thought mine had some manufacturer problem, and went constantly to different dealers without to be able to find a solution. It's really annoying! If someone finds a solution on this, please respond.

23rd Mar 2011, 13:56

I just bought a 2005 Primera 1.6 with 106,000km on it, but want to know when does it need timing belt changed or does it have a chain?

17th Mar 2012, 06:27

It's just you.

13th Jan 2020, 08:14

Yes, the QG engines are definitely produced in Japan.