4th Jan 2008, 09:14

Hi again... Original poster here.

Car is written off due to someone hitting her from behind...

Thing is she drove the journey back and to the garage and back home etc just fine...

Started her up months after the crash and after 5 minutes on the Jump leads she was roaring again... Miss that rev-happy drive!

Still, she's driveway-bound at the moment and will be sold on for spares... Would never find an eGT I like more than mine so moving on to RWD... E30 318is should do it.

3rd Aug 2008, 00:03

Big props to you man! P10eGT army all the way! I'm on my 2nd eGT, due to receive a Pulsar GTi-R engine sometime in the near future. It's such a shame that there's nothing remotely close to an eGT these days, but I hope you're enjoying the BMW!

22nd Aug 2008, 11:01

Original Poster again!

Thanks for the comment.

Yep the eGT was something else.

Mine was bought and is back on the road now. The guy who took it got a bargain and as no-one on the purep10 forums snapped it up, he's got a lovely car with a black diamond clutch, leather seats and brand new v spec tyres!

It is okay as he has the garage to do his own repairs; would have cost me an arm and a leg.

The E30 is great, but no longer a 1.8 iS... I have had a 2.5 litre engine transplant done to it (fully converted with a transplanted engine, clutch, gearbox, exhaust etc)

The E30 is always a great car, but today I have been missing the eGT somewhat and still have a pic up by my desk ;)

13th Aug 2009, 08:11

Original poster here again.

E30 compared to Primera?

Wow is the E30 fun to drive, but it's gone into the garage again... It's not reliable as such but my enjoying it probably doesn't help :)

I have no money and for what I'm spending I'm missing the eGT more... I'm even looking at P11 GTs as the P10s seem rarer by the minute!

Yes, it's got to the stage where the E30 is noisy, small and annoying... It's creakier inside, it's noisier outside... It struggles to be the car I need it to be for practicality. Sure, it has a large boot and it's ridiculously fun, but the Primera had a large boot and was one of the best FWD cars I've driven.

The Primera far outshines the Peugeot 206 (1999), Ford Focus (2000) and Vauxhall Astra (2006) we've had in our house of recent years...

The Astra isn't as sharp as the Focus, the 206 was a joke but all were nothing compared to the Primera eGT imho...

The RWD E30 still has something quite special over the Primera, but is a lot scarier in wet/icy conditions... It must be respected!

But having looked a lot online at cars of late I can safely say there is no better value saloon of its size than a Primera eGT or GT. You get a good hit of power in a lovely rev-happy engine, great handling, lots of room and most of the time this can be for less than £1k... Perfect.

30th Aug 2014, 19:17

Please, can you tell me how you fixed the whining clutch? Was it the clutch moon that was faulty? I also drive a 1992 Nissan Primera; love it!

18th Sep 2017, 08:41

Original Poster here again:

I fixed the clutch by replacing it in the end - a sportier Black Diamond clutch did the job and fixed any issues with sloppy changes - it needed more skill as it was sharper.

BTW anyone who moves on from the world of Primeras (P10 rare as hell now, and P11 not much more abundant, and less fun) would do better with a 2004-2009 BK Gen 1 Mazda 3. Ideally 2008 onwards for the MP3 head unit with Aux port. Mine is a 2006 which was, at least, facelifted from the original 2004 models (though debuted as a "2007" model).

The 2.0 Sport Saloon is 150bhp like the Primera, with VVT and DISI direct injection. Roomy enough though a smaller class of car (Focus sized, built on Ford C1 platform) and has more mod cons - and cupholders! :) Bose system is excellent, interior is a lovely place to be, but it is a little creaky now (some 11 years old mine is) and some exterior rattles under the car can be heard (mostly harmless!). Did a 3000 mile road trip with no problems.

18th Sep 2017, 20:51

Good review, and thanks for the updates so long after writing the review. Sorry to hear your car was written off. As you said, 90s Primeras are rare now, in fact anything from the 90s is getting rarer, and that's a shame as it was my favourite time period for cars (general good reliability, looks, and not to mention how good the likes of Primeras and other saloon cars were on the Touring Car Circuits here in the UK).

Quick question though, would a well looked after 90s Primera still be practical as an everyday car? And what about the 2002-2006 updated model, is it any good? Thinking of getting one; there are still some about for sale where I live.