1990 Nissan Pulsar GTIR SR20DET from Australia and New Zealand


Very cheap to run if you own an oil refinery, otherwise the fuel bill will leave you in tears


Pedal box snapped twice.

Tacho stopped working.

Alternator became very noisy.

Piston rings wore.

Gearbox blew.

Turbo failed.

Radiator started leaking.

+ a whole lot more problems!

General Comments:

This car was reasonably fast, but drank horrendous amounts of fuel. When driven sedately, it would go through around 17L/100KM around town. Fuel economy at a constant 100kmh wasn't much better.

I took it to a Nissan dealer, and several other mechanics who had a look at it, and couldn't find anything wrong with it to explain the high fuel consumption.

The car was as reliable as a politician's promise. It wouldn't go for more than a few months before something failed. It cost the previous owner about NZ$10,000 in repairs, and cost me thousands of $ just to keep it on the roads for the 3 years and 13,000km I had it for.

I have only included a few of the things that have gone wrong with the car, because I have forgotten about most of the problems the car had.

Handling is often dangerous and unpredictable; the back end lets go without warning, and other times it understeers like a front wheel drive car.

The car is very big on the inside for the overall dimensions of a car, and can comfortably sit even a very tall person in the front.

I strongly recommend that you stay far away from these cars, as it will likely cost almost the entire GDP of a small country just to keep on the roads.

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Review Date: 15th February, 2011

19th Mar 2011, 07:03

Plain and simple.

You got a GTiR that wasn't looked after.

I have owned 2 GTiR's; first one was a gem, 40,000k and nothing more than oil changes. The second I bought as a trashed and thrashed example, replacing pretty much the whole car with new or original parts; I haven't even ticked over $5,000 AUD.

The fuel readings you've given are so far off it's a giggle. Just remember something, 4WD drivetrain, 1400kg (or so). If you want economy, buy a Prius, you don't own a GTiR to be a Greenie. Either change your driving style, or give the car to someone who knows how to treat and appreciate a piece of WRC history.

2nd Jul 2011, 03:46

There is no reason for it to have such a high fuel consumption. It was slower than my mate's stock WRX, and drank about 1/3 more fuel than the WRX. The WRX got driven a lot harder as well.

The GTI-R was immaculately presented when I bought it, so it looked like a car that had been very well looked after, and not something that had been thrashed constantly.

In an average year, it cost me about 1/3 of the value of the car just to keep it on the road, excluding petrol, insurance, tires, taxes etc.

1990 Nissan Pulsar Q 1.6 from Australia and New Zealand


Perfect first or second car


When I bought the car, the petrol gauge did not work, and the radio was a bit fuzzy when I turned the volume key up and down.

The driver's seat had a bit of a tear, and there was a bit of water leaking into the boot. But I expected this from a 20 year old car.

The left passenger door won't open with the key.

The petrol door release cable snapped; $30 for a new one.

The plastic bit between the tail lights broke; $30 replacement.

General Comments:

The car is very reliable; it's never let me down, great on fuel.

Parts are generally cheap. I span out and cracked my transmission; $400 for new one.

As a car I think it's great. It's a bit fast at the lights.

It is very roomy in the front; I am 6 foot and weigh 130kg, and there is still plenty of room left.

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Review Date: 8th January, 2011