1991 Nissan Pulsar J1J from Australia and New Zealand


Not bad, but I'll try buying a newer fuel injected model in the future


Used way too much gas for a 1.5L engine. A full tank of gas would only last around 300Kms driving in the city. 2 different Mechanics couldn't find anything wrong with it.

The gearbox developed a minor fault around 130,000kms - If I shifted from Park to Drive, the car would remain in Neutral. I had to tap the stick back a notch, then bring it back up to drive in order to drive the car. An annoying problem, but nothing major.

Water pump and radiator hose started leaking around 138,000kms, but was never a real problem. I never fixed it, anyway!

A little bit loud when driving on the highway.

General Comments:

Reliable - never ever broke down on me.

Cheap and plentiful parts.

Cheap to maintain.

Handles well.

I found it comfortable.

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Review Date: 11th April, 2007

13th Jul 2013, 19:42

I bought a Nissan pulsar J1J . The car is good, but the fuel consumption is high for a 1.5 engine. The overdrive really does not make any difference in driving. The overall performance is good.

1991 Nissan Pulsar K1 1.5 petrol from Singapore


A well made cheap run around


This review is for a 1.5 Nissan Pulsar K1 N14 Hatchback. It was purchased used, late 2005 from its original owner. Since then the following have occurred.

Replaced Power steering pump (caused a lot of noise) USD$70.

Replaced all 4 tyres.

Right headlamp occasionally goes on the blink. Will rectify it in due course. probably due to loose connector.

Engine is starting to smoke from the breather tube. Worn piston rings are suspect. Am quoted USD$630 for the job. May consider it in 12 months.

Petrol gauge seems to move very fast. So I fill up based on distance.

Carb seems faulty. Drives OK, my tuning the air fuel mixture doesn't seem to yield much results.

Petrol Consumption is rather high at about 9-10 km/l.

General Comments:

When we purchased this car it was in pristine physical condition. The bodywork is rust free, panels were straight.

The interior does not show signs of serious ageing. The plastics have survived our heat very well.

All the buttons work as well as all the printed text on the buttons are still visible. It almost looks factory fresh.

The car is moderately powerful. Sufficient would be the best to describe it. It tops out at around 150km/h and is relatively comfortable and composed at that speed. Tyres are still stock by the way, but the shocks were upgraded to Koni Reds by the previous owner.

Handling is typical for cars of this market group and generation. The skinny tyres give you early warning and there is body roll. The rear suspension does get a bit unsettled with mid corner undulations.

Interior comfort is described as sufficient. The driver seats are very basic in support. Tall rear passengers will have problems with tall drivers as the seat in the rear most position will rest only 3-4 inches away from the back seat.

All the cars electrics work fine. From power windows, to the power mirrors and air conditioning. Nothing has failed on me.

Overall I am extremely happy with this car. She has aged very very well and with the required repairs I believe she will continue on.

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Review Date: 27th September, 2006

29th Mar 2007, 09:56

Just an update. The car here recently overheated and the driver at the time didn't realise it and kept on driving till it stalled. Long story short, the engine needed an overhaul. In the process the auto transmission was changed too.

The Auto transmission had an issue where it occasionally wouldn't upshift after I do a kickdown.

So now with the replacement transmission and repaired engine, the car is wonderful. Even quieter than before and much smoother. I still find the fuel consumption a little on the high side at 8km/l, so I do need to look into that.

The air con button has stopped glowing blue when activated (but the air con still works) and the fuel gauge is still inaccurate.

Other than that, the car is still running flawlessly. What an amazing example.